How to sell yourself this summer..

The summer season is round the clock and it’s time for summer internships to enter the market. It’s time to enter the professional world. In all probability, you are readying to hit the job market, equipped with a degree or diploma, some no academic skills and perhaps a little bit of practical experience, gained through a short internship or summer project.

But have you ever thought of making yourself a ‘Brand’, someone whom no recruiter can refuse to hire? A word explanation here. The concept of personal branding suggests that success comes not only from self-packaging. To be successful, you not only need abilities but also have to market them. In short, it’s not enough just to present a good bio-data.

We present to you five ways to build your personal brand like a pro-

Rock your resume- Your resume is supposed to be a self-marketing tool- not the introductory chapter of your autobiography. The purpose of the resume is to effectively communicate your assests in writing to an employer. CV’s are a snapshot of you and a short advertisement of who you are. So CV’s should be made with all the efforts because it is what represents you in an interview. “Since most students do not have experience, they must work make sure their educational qualifications match the requirements of particular job” says Puja Sharma, an education and career consultant.

Create a stellar online presence: Resumes provide a potential employer with factual information, while a social media platforms give insight into your motivations and personality. LinkedIn,, Twitter and Facebook are being used by a growing tribe of youngsters to land jobs. Nowadays, many recruiters also tap the social media to hunt for good candidates or check a candidate online credentials. So stop sharing disputable content. And think before you post on sensitive issues such a religion, politics and caste.

The personal network: The online market is important, but traditional reference and contacts still work workers employers who are in a hurry to get good candidates often tap their personal network to hire or crosscheck a reference mentioned in a CV. Don’t avoid any social gathering and never miss an opportunity of a tete-a-tete with resourceful family members and distant friends. If your network are not large enough, try expanding it and participating I college festivals, competitions career fairs, seminars and so on.
Flaunt your soft skills: Soft skills are personal traits or qualities- social graces, communication, friendliness, and ability to mingle with people- that characterise how to interact with other people. These are much less tangible than hard or technical skills.

Even though turning yourself into a brand is not easy, you can get a head start if you begin your effort immediately after you join college. This ‘brand’ will often be challenged and assessed critically by recruiters through successive stages of tests, interviews and good academics record. So these pillars of your brand need to be robust.

In other words, don’t forget the basics while you package yourself into a brand.

~Aayesha Nabeeha


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