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"INCREDIBLE INDIA” before we shout this to the world, we should ponder over some of the below questions.

*.Are women safe in this so called incredible India?
*.Are daughters safe with their fathers?*.Are working women safe at their working places?
And the answer would be a big“NO”.Now why there is such a situation? Why are the evil eyes always following us? When these questions remain unanswered, only what we get to know is we are not safe in India. Rapes, acid attacks, harassment have already captured our country. Morning newspaper comes to us carrying news about such crimes where women are used as sex toys.

A terrible fact is that these crimes are not reducing rather they are increasing day by day. In a country like India 97 of every 100 rapists receive no punishment. Now the question arises-Are our laws encouraging rapists??

When a 23-year old became the victim of gang rape in Delhi on 12th December 2012,her death cried to the world ,this is a warning, beware you can be the next!!!! But still rapes didn’t end; it’s high time now to follow the ancient Rome’s punishment for rape where the testicles of the culprit are crushed between stones.

So Incredible India, as it is claimed to be. Or, is it? Eve’s descendants are atrociously unsafe.If a girl/woman walks free of cat calls, whistles or anything remotely similar, 100 meters at a stretch, in any public place- I should stop dreaming, right here, right now. And ‘they’ blame us for the‘provocative’dressing... 
Post sunset, not many places are ‘safe’ enough. Statistics might claim that there are places relatively more unsafe, but let us think of it on an individual note:How many girls would count in when asked if they have been spared of such acts?A scarce number. Some matters can’t be generalized; but this is an issue for sure.

There is the ‘modern’ Indian woman, at par with the ways of the world, graduating, earning and getting financially strong and independent. But, when she gets back home, there she is, trying to avoid stalkers and scurrying back home. What a contrast in scenarios she is exposed to. Practically, no girl would want to halt and react in return. Instead, she would want to escape out of the situation as soon as she can. Hence, the practice continues to remain. ‘Petty’ matters as hooting and cat calls make the network spread far and wide into horrendous and traumatic activities like sexual exploitation and rape.

So, how do we put an end to all this, apart from writing about it? As philosophers say, realization must come from within. Each human-male-being out there, involved in such disrespecting, immoral and uncivilized acts must start looking within and realize that he would start being human if he stopped such uncouth and unrefined acts. And then will be the time when Eve’s lineage will be safe in the real sense; and India would be Incredible.

Dear jobless-hooter-on-the-road, it’s not a sin being a girl; neither is it a matter of choice. It’s a matter of chance; and a way of existence; let the girl walk by in peace, do not make her conscious of what she is, and, kindly realize- what if someone did the same to your mother.



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