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Thoughts of a Comic

Nowadays we have so many types of definitions to what actually is referred to as comedy. The real funny thing is how people basically think of it as telling a joke whereas we live now in times where comedy itself has a great amount of history and current affairs. Economics can also come in if you technically want to term the statistics regarding which comic is the most syllable and which type is sold the most and so on. To be honest if you think about it, comedy is used to tell people things they otherwise would not have listened to. We use it to make topics interesting and refrain people from showing us how loud they can snore.

 A comic doesn’t need to necessarily take help of a joke to make a person laugh. There’s comic acting, improvisation and narration to name types apart from jokes. There is a difference between a comedian and a comic actor. A comedian tells you jokes while a comic actor says things funny. A comedian will tell you “Let me tell you the best part about me giving her that nice red dress. She gets 3 things out of it. One: the dress, two: the jealousy from the neighbours, and three: when she sees one of her friends wearing the same coloured dress she gets to shout Oh my gosh! You tooo!! Ahahahaaa!!”. A comic actor however will go like “I wish. I had. Meryl Streep’s hair. So I could have scared my deadly foes indeed.” in William Shatner’s voice or just be like “Being someone famous, you smile at em and they keep sniggering at you for the next hour. And one of them’s always gonna have his bloody mouth open, start drooling. I’m like What do want now, a cookie?”.  
Now the fact about this subject is that even if you have separate types, you don’t have a specific rulebook that says the respective types are restricted to themselves so basically the real comedy comes in the form of mixtures. A joke in itself on a basic level is you asking a question which the other person or audience can rarely answer unless of course there are mind readers among every bunch coming to watch some stand-up. Similarly a narration is in this case basically telling a funny story. It in itself is a type that is common when you’re basically talking with your close amigos and attentive compadres. You just have to know how to be random.

Most comics in the past as well as in the present rely a lot on jokes. The best of the best however have always relied on total improvisation and will continue to. Take people like Rickles, Seinfeld, Robin Williams, Ellen Degeneres, and Jim Carrey to name of the greats.

Usually if you’re into the funny business you basically realize two things, first is that you can never stick to one type when doing a show and secondly to always drink some good cold coffee before you come up. There are so many genres that have surfaced over the years namely loose comedy, mean comedy, sarcastic humor, etc. Even though everyone tries their hand in doing everything, every comic has their individual style and their style reflects only one genre.

If you look at history as well as present then one has to admit how superior sarcastic humour and mean comedy is. However not every place and hence not everyone accepts it. That’s one of the main things which make comedy so tiresome. Trust me if you didn’t already know let me just tell you that making someone laugh is way harder than making someone cry. This is not only because of the negativity vs positivity concept. It has to do with the fact that what hurts someone and gives that person pain will never get old. A joke however gets old. Also a joke which is funny to your friend might not be that funny to your sister.

People need to start learning how to differentiate between making fun and insulting because they both sound and are phrased differently. Also people need to be able to take comedy to it’s actual extent and not take anything seriously when it is going on because that is what you’re supposed to do at that particular time, have fun.



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