Monsoons are Here

'Monsoons are here', Maa exclaimed.
She hated rain. She hated the wet soggy clothes and the water clogged roads, the damp walls and all the unnecessary fuss. She stood under the shed as her mother rushed to bring in the drying clothes as the sky unleashed its wrath on the land, quite heavily.
'Mini, don't just keep standing there. Come help me here', Maa chanted.
Unwillingly, she stepped into the rain to help out her mother.
The downpour somehow reminded her of a thousand memories. Memories from her grab journals. And all she could think of, was a colour and a smile. Was it brown, or, was it hazel? She remembered the undying conflict they would have and their kiddish brawl would always end up in fits of laughter.
Maa'a voice faded in the background as she further delved into the cacophony of her memories. She remembered how they would sit and sip on cups of hot tea and banter for hours. To her, he was like the fresh smell of the wet earth after the first rain. He was the silver lining to the clouds of her life. But somehow, the clouds gave up, and so did the lining and she was brought back to the present.
She realized that she no longer hated rain. She just missed the clouds.
She slowly went back inside as she left the rain behind.

By~ Poulami Ghosh Ray


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