It has been an exhilarating ride on board with Bits2Bytes, that had begun almost a decade ago. It is the culmination of the labour and determination of the students and the staff who worked like never before to produce the finest technical fest of Bengal Institute of Technology- Bits2Bytes.

The most rewarding aspect of being closely associated with this fest last year, was the we got to interact with all the budding technocrats from various colleges all over Kolkata who come up with ideas which nobody has ever thought of. Bits2Bytes isn’t just about Robotics, it is a great platform for interested actors and directors to portray their ideas through one act plays and short films; it is a great platform for the intellectuals to battle out their brains via debates and extempore; it is a great platform to unleash the artist in you and me. And just when one was content with all that much, we presented the most awaited Aerodynamics and Quadcopter events, Bits2Bytes being one of the handful fests where Quadcopter competition takes place. Participants and spectators arrive in great number for these events And that is what makes Bits2Bytes one of the most prestigous events for us.

However, organizing a fest is never a cakewalk. Crashed computers, unfinished arenas, unwilling sponsors, budget issues and the never ending workload added to the deadline. Everyday would bring a new task which was more challenging than the previous one. The perfect experience we thought it would be, didn’t seem all that perfect. But just when we considered the whole universe conspiring to crush us, it was the optimism we had, the hope our mentors had on us, the teamwork and the willingness to deliver the best was what made us tighten our chords around our waist and work double the amount. I remember all the staff, students and even the support staff stayed back in college till 10pm and returned back again at 7am for the last few days. That was when things fell into place. Posters put up, college totally decked up in the theme, tracks set up, stalls set up, tshirts, cards, food packets every thing that we had planned was ready. Now that our experience have become fulfilling, the obstacles that we had faced seem insignificant. Bits2Bytes would never have been possible without the guidance of Prof. Nilarun Mukherjee, to whom we extend our heartfelt gratitude for being totally perfect with every aspect related to the fest and for being nothing less than the backbone for the success of Bits2Bytes. I was quite convinced that every person associated with the event that we put up, will carry the memories throughout their life as something unforgettable.

And this year too Bits2Bytes is back with a bang on the 6th and & 7th of March 2017. Evidently, the organizing committee this year, have put in the best of their effort to present before you the much awaited technical extravaganza. The aim is to provide a platform for all other colleges to battle out their brains, show their technical skills and excel. We expect good participation from other colleges, like every year. We hope and shall be glad to have you all amongst us.

Anwesha Ghosh
Bengal Institute of Technology


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