Techkriti '17, IIT Kanpur


“The celebration of innovation”



Ever expressed , ever explored , ever realised your passion for technicality….

If not then be there to experience it as…

IIT Kanpur brings its technical and entrepreneurial annual festival to inculcate

hierarchical idea of technical thinking and innovative skills. Comprising of a lot

exciting events where you can think out of the box.

Techkriti kicks off two months prior to the main event, as Technocruise begins

to gather participants in zonal prelims. There are competitions catering to the

likes of all – ECDC, Techkriti Grand Prix, Software Corner to name a few. The

international events include Robogames, International Online Programming

Contest and ideas.

Rakhtarpan, Health camps and Spearing Smiles are its primary

health campaigns. Women empowerment is also a prominent issue that

Techkriti highlights.

For good ideas and true innovation you need human interaction, conflict,

argument and debate, so this prestigious fest allows you to interact with

successful and legendary personalities through talks. Techkriti has been

endeavoured by the presence of noble laureates like Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam,

David J. Griffiths, Vladimir Voevodsky (Fields medalist from Russia), Michael

Foreman(NASA Astronaut) and many more .Woman speakers are also invited

to share their success stories and inspire others to take the plunge.

Persistent mind and healthy inquisitiveness are the building blocks for

acquiring learning of any kind .A new element of Techkriti, in its 3 rd  year this

time,”TOSC” as its open school championship which allows schools in various

cities to be a part of this grand fest to induce technical requisites in young


The best way of learning anything is by doing,

So that is why Techkriti organises workshops including

➢ Sixth Sense Robotics

➢ Android App Development

➢ Internet of Things

➢ RoboExpedition

➢ Cloud computing

➢ Game Development

➢ Advanced Ethical Hacking

➢ Automobile and IC Engine

And many more…….

And yes its not all about technicalities Techkriti organises professional

shows providing a source of recreation.

This edition of Techkriti’17 promises you 4 days full of new and engaging

activities, adventure that you would not want to miss and workshops

that will bring you closer to your passions. So if technology is your thing,

and you’re around the IIT-K campus, do check out the fest!

Visit their website for more information.

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