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Romance have been the childhood fantasies for most of the readers while others binge read on the thrillers. Perhaps the first storybooks we all read dealt with some fairy tales where the hero in the shining armor rescued the damsel in distress. Over the years the perfect fairy tale love stories give way to some unrequited love and deals with some heart wrenching climaxes. The entire teenage period, readers mostly thrive on the romances and while some romances are just common but there are some which last their impression till the adulthood. So, here we are listing some of the most popular and everlasting impressed romances which we are sure that you would not like to miss if you are a loyal reader of the genre.


The Notebook by American novelist Nicholas Sparks is one of the most famous romantic novels of all the time which was later adapted to a film in 2004. The book which portrays the love story between Noah and Allie who have been separated years back in their early adulthood due to some circumstances finds way again and where finally they are united. The book is sure to appeal the readers who looks for some happy ending and is sure to restore the belief in love.


 The Fault in Our Stars is perhaps everyone’s favorite and anybody who has read this amazing novel by John Green found it difficult to hold back the tears. Not much frequently that the readers get to read such a heart touching love story of two cancer patients and how they made most of their counted number of days living together and fulfilling each other’s dream.


 This is the other novel by Nicholas Spark which is remarkable enough to be remembered. The high school love story of Jamie whose character  was supposed to be inspired from Sparks’ sister  and Landon were head over heels in love with each other and how Landon stayed beside his ladylove during her death bed is surely going to give us high expectations of real life partners supposed to be.


 The most exotic and popular among the classics is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen who have portrayed a strong character like Elizabeth Bennet who truly justifies the quote of beauty with brains and Mr Darcy, the wealthy handsome man dominated by male ego. The characters are just perfectly depicted while their nature contrasts each other, their love for each other changes them. And yes of course, Elizabeth Bennet is truly inspiring.


The American author Fitzgerald’s notable work is The Great Gatsby which is again adapted into a movie where the role of Gatsby is been played by the Oscar wining actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The novel depicts the Jazz Age and lavish lifestyle of Gatsby narrated by his friend Nick. It portrays Gatsby's everlasting love for Daisy and how excessive love can actually destroy lives.

So, if you have not read these few amazing romances of all time, then its time to read all these novels pretty fast. So gear up guys, don’t give a miss to any of these.



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