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"With the death of innocent children, died humanity" It's time we rise

Asifa, an eight year old was abducted, gang-raped and brutally murdered in Kathua. Along with her, died humanity which we are devoid of; if nowadays societies consist of those who prey so heinously on little children then stands to reason that there's something horrid within our souls. The Unnao rape case, another incident which refers to the rape of a 17 year old girl, as well as another very recent case concerning a two day old baby girl being flushed down the toilet both help paint the never-melting portrait of crime in our country.

Another tale tells of two men having dug up the dead body of a lady who was buried there two days back. Why did they do this, you ask? Well, they did so to rape her. In Assam, a rape victim was found with 86 wounds on her body. Goes to show how diverse our country truly is, so much so that every form of crime is dangerously diverse.

As you must have seen, that as of now I have just been mentioning facts. Because as soon as the perpetrators are named, religion and politics gets involved and the real issue of rape, injustice, and bringing about change gets sidelined.

Let me make a pertinent point at this juncture, rape is rape; injustice with an innocent life is unfairness and a crime like any other. When politics or religion is dragged into it, its severity is not lost.
When a rape occurs, not only is the victim raped but so is the entire human race. The whole of humankind loses a part of it's soul with the woman/man who has fallen prey. Our very essence of humanity is crushed and subdued when such horrific crimes occur. According to a survey, every hour 39 women are raped. So now is the time to make this our issue; to rise and curb these incidents of inhuman acts. If we keep dili-dallying, these monsters will keep hurting people close to us or someone we may know, and all we'll be able to do is sit and watch it happen.

All the rape victims deserve justice; the ones who have wronged them deserve punishment. But the supreme justice will reign the day our country becomes rape free. We need to feel their pain. We need to realize the need to revive humanity. Let candle light marches, posting of pictures and write-ups not be the only path of our struggle to fight for justice, let us battle all the way to achieve the objective of a country devoid of any malice; a country clean of rape. We can keep on getting famous personalities to speak on issues and spread awareness, but only calling people to come and listen, eat and then sending them off with some fancy, wise words doesn't do it. You have to put the food, plates and spoons on the table as well. You have to show the fruits of what you just heard, or else it is no internalization. Just like you prove how much you've learnt during your semester in the end term exams.

A short poem which I wrote on the current issue and the need for us to resume to our very essence of humanity:

Today I rise
In the name of my power
The power of being a human
The honor of being an existence
Transfixed vision
Is now met with unflinching gaze
Bare hands now wash the blood,
Sealed mouths now vipe the silence,
Dormant swords now advance for war,
Raging a battle to reborn humanity.

A simple way to stop rape culture is to model good relationship behavior. We need to rise above petty issues and be an example, this is bigger than us. Raise good men and strong women. Please, the world needs them now, more than ever.

By: Shivalika Singh
Co-written by:- Aritro Ghosh


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