Walk in the glory of your own sparkle


The society dictates our lifestyle. We are chained with fetters of societal norms regarding our existence. Standards are set of how strong one should be or for that matter even levels of how weak one can be is maintained. The simple truth gets deviated in such thought process and standards. All humans are different and unique; they cannot be measured on the same gauge.  So break free from these shackles and carve your own identity. Make yourself proud, even if it means getting up from the bed and making  yourself coffee, or reading a novel or speaking with a friend. You do not have to rush by the timeline of others, rise according to your time. It is absolutely okay to give in to circumstances at times, it does not define us, we all have weak moments, we need to grow from it, the change and progress might be slow but it is certain. We have to keep trying, it will be heart wrenching, nerve racking and crest falling at moments, and here is where hope and belief work. Believe in the perfection of your imperfections. Feel the insecurities and inhibitions crawling in your stomach, gnawing within. It is the art of living, the role of this negativity is not to break apart but to build such a thorough structure which does not jostle with mild agonies. To create a base which is ever so strong that despite all the tornadoes of life remains intact maybe not as a whole but as particles. As the minute portions ready to begin the journey again and brace the storm. Be your own sparkle, you belong to self more than any other entity, nourish and cherish your worth each moment, and the glory includes all the downfalls too because that just signifies how human one is.



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