Now that the year is nearing its end the whole city is going gaga while thinking of one last festival, and how to celebrate it, before bidding adieu to 2017! Yes it’s CHRISTMAS which takes place on 25th December to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Generally it is on that time the feast takes place to mark the happy occasion. Now when the talk is about food, Kolkata seriously just can’t lag behind this year. Like every other year, the Kolkata cuisine has brought around a host of delicacies to entice our palate. It has already added a zing to the party spirits. Crowds are spilling into the tea room of Flurys and restaurants like Mocambo, Peter Cat and Bar-B-Q

Christmas spells cake in Kolkata! Now which better place to go than Flurys? The cake shop was founded on 1925 by Mr. and Mrs. J Flurys, every year this place is literally mobbed by people wanting to taste a bit of that creamy delicacy this year they have also involved the CRY foundation an NGO in their work. The makers have already made some tons of cake already and are ready to make some tons more. So this year do try the new confectionaries coming around.

While talking about food mention is yet to be made about some famous restaurants like Mocambo and Peter Cat.  The first manager of Mocambo Antonio Prandhe was an Italian so when Mocambo originally opened he included a number of Italian Cuisine like CHICKEN SICILIAN and CANNELLONI. One could say that Mocambo was the first nightclub with its grooves it became a favorite not only of the “gentleman” but of the “ladies” of that time as well who generally preferred to spend their afternoons there.

The “second” Mocambo as he calls it was initially not meant to serve continental cuisines for the owner preferred to cater to the taste buds which demanded more of nun, butter chicken and kebabs. Kebab is a north Indian specialty and is usually served with nun, but considering the needs of the Kolkata crowd the owner decided to included rice and combine it with kebabs, in addition they threw butter and omelet and hence came “CHELO KEBAB” although a lot of restaurants have tried this hack but it can be undoubtedly said that Peter Cat as yet is the abode of chelo kebabs.

The introduction of “SIZZLERS” was even interesting, although the owner as mentioned decided to have only Indian cuisines, but there were many people who came and actually ordered food like soup and some even demanded roast chicken, this eventually led to the introduction of sizzlers.

This Christmas do take the opportunity to visit these old places and get entangled with their rich heraldry and delicacy that they offer, Christmas the time for giving, hopes and rejuvenation be sure to spend this time with your family and have the best time of your life. Once more merry Christmas to everyone. Do enjoy and have loads of fun!

By: Diya Ghoshal


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