Burning sharply tantalisingly opaque

Your exploitative fingers wrapped around my brain
Twisting knots in my veins, will I ever be sane
Oh healer cave in
find the rescue fleet

I am not escaping alone, redeem this wretched soul

(ooh) The wind ain't dropping it's pace anytime soon

your sweet side is hiding like a treacherous storm breaching tranquil backwaters

Rhyme me a tune along to safety or leave me at the mercy of drudging gongs

(Aaah) this isn't as lonely as I dreamt as I lay next to your bony carcass

salvation is nigh
picture that glow so bright present in this aftermath

Obsequiously tiny rods of rain try to eclipse the heat in vain

It's subsiding intensity is reminiscent of the vigour that once drove my fading heart to test the rigour of a holy start

By: Prajesh Konchady


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