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“Dogs are not our whole lives but they make our lives whole” one of the most faithful creatures made by almighty is dog. Domesticating animals like dogs, cat, and horses has been prevalent since ancient times, out of them dogs are the ones who with a little amount of expert training made themselves so able that come any situation, any hazard they define themselves by having the capability not just by saving themselves but to save others as well.

From the middle century domesticating dogs and using them for special purpose like police training has been done time and again, the police dogs known as K9 dogs their duties include searching for drugs, explosives, locating missing people and definitely protecting their handlers. The bloodhounds used in Scotland for this purpose were known as “Slough dogs” the word “Sleuth” was derived from them. In the 19th century to combat the extreme lawlessness night guards were provided with dogs which helped them to keep vigil, which made the use of dogs for protection purpose more renowned.

The first real attempt to use K9s was by the Commissioner of Metropolitan Police Sir Charles Warren but the result was far from satisfactory.  But it was in Continental Europe that dogs were used on a huge scale. Some breeds that are used to enforce public order are German shepherd (for their strength, intelligence, teachibility and obedience) the Basset Hound (for locating bombs and drugs) and the Belgian Malinois (for protection, attacking, locating evidence and human tracking)

This practice was prevalent in India as well. Tiger was one of the best dogs the UP police ever had. Having cracked 150 cases single handedly in his span of 14yrs the dog breathed its last a  fortnight before. Before joining the police camp Tiger had a rigorous training if 36 weeks after which it was declared as able. Officers like Manilal Patidar have opined that the loss of Tiger is “irreparable” it is a feeling of sheer delight that an animal used for domestication through ages has become such an efficient help.

Diya Ghoshal


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