Teacher, often described as our friend, philosopher and guide, plays a vital role in everyone’s life. A teacher has the capability to guide his or her students and give them immense courage and inspiration. We all remember at least one teacher from our school throughout our lives, isn’t it? It is because he or she has been able to put an impact in your life. Teaching is an art and an educator needs to find several methods to teach the students and these ways may differ every time with each new batch of students. An educator needs to perform every day in class as per the needs and demands of the batch and we always remember the best performance althroughout. Hichki, a recent film by Siddharth Malhotra is about a brilliant teacher, Naina Mathur (Rani Mukerji) who has Tourette’s syndrome, lands a job in an elite school after several failures and rejections. She puts aside her problem and overcomes all challenges to teach the defiant and impish slum children in that school and makes them realise their true potential.

Naina Mathur, a woman with distinguishing degrees is rejected repeatedly by several schools due to her Tourette syndrome, a neurological disorder where she involuntarily makes hics and click noises which is quite disturbing for everyone. She faces failures, mockery, challenges and insult due to her disorder but none could stop her from achieving what she wanted. She uses unique teaching methods to teach the students, who are a part of the Right to Education initiative. Her first challenge was to manage these mischievous students and then find ways to make everything interesting and joyful for them. This is the true quality of a perfect mentor and educator, which Naina masters easily.

Every child is born with a special talent which lies hidden for years until someone comes and makes them realise it. Here, Naina’s students are considered as worthless by other teachers but she is able to figure out their hidden qualities which she uses to guide them towards success. The personal life of these students is also highlighted along with their condition of living. As a result of their disturbed background, they get involved in gambling and fights easily but even they can be the shining stars like the other learners. A good teacher can make a difference in everyone’s life and Naina proves it brilliantly.

The presentation of the film and the scenes are done flawlessly by the director. There are no additional portions in the film which can bring boredom…every scene is carefully handled with excellence. Rani Mukerji’s acting is effortless and her performance is definitely worth remembering. The young actors have done a wonderful job, without whom this film wouldn’t have been possible. The film has an emotional touch, but nothing is presented in an exaggerated manner which is a big positive point about the movie.

Hichki would make you nostalgic and make you remember your favourite teacher in school. A teacher’s job is a difficult one, but a mentor is nothing without his or her students, hence they both compliment each other for great outcome. The film is refreshing, crisp and definitely a must- watch for all. Challenges and difficulties would come and go, it’s upto you that how you would like to handle it and eventually overcome it. So, this weekend, why not be a bit nostalgic and emotional through Hichki?

By: Sayantani Sengupta


  1. Teachers r truly the backbone of our society! Hope the society is far more enriched with these kinda true resources full of knowledge and wisdom..
    Deeply touched
    Keep it up


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