Be strong but not unbreakable

What is true courage? Is courage standing on the cliff and jumping off fearlessly or is courage the power to accept the fact that one is afraid to do so?  Both of them are acts of courage, of being able to embrace oneself; of being the person you were born to be. Do not be afraid to feel weak or strong, or the pressure of judgement, feel exactly as you want to and express it as it is. You do not have to be perfect or act so, nobody in this world is perfect. Humans make mistakes, it forms their essence, everyone falters at some point of life. In trying to be perfect, we forget the real perfection lies in being more ourselves.

It is important to realize that our best efforts always do not make it to the ultimate result, maybe our efforts were not good enough to reach that destination, but it does not in any way indicate that one hasn’t given their best. You don’t have to live up to expectations, including your own forecast. You need to realize that it is ok to make mistakes, it is completely human to feel broken and lonely at times, please do not punish yourself for being in a momentary low phase.

Your worth lies in every feeling you experience in this lifetime, being heart-broken, sharing agony of loved ones, feeling pain over the loss of a beloved, it is thoroughly human, these feelings make us realize how deeply we feel about certain people and things. It also displays the beauty of relationships and value of places and things.

Shine your light so bright that no one or nothing can hurt you or bring you down. You have to do it, for yourself. Honor the longest commitment of your life, honor yourself.

You have to feel to be alive, which includes feeling pain and agony, it is the softness in strength.

By: Shivalika Singh


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