War and Peace with Dreams

Dreams are the cherished ideals or ambitions which one hopes to pursue and achieve in life. Dreams have different connotations for every human. Some dream to become a billionaire and some just dream of attaining happiness. Whatever the goal may be, dreams make us and at moments also break us apart.

This dream of being someone or attaining something keeps us going, it is the eternal drive for the human conscience. Every great transformation and change begins with a simple dream. Yes, even the idea for our biggest search engine came from dreams. Founder Larry Page dreamt of Google, seeing that he & Sergey Brin could make a business by “downloading the entire web onto computers”. You don’t have to be extraordinary to actualize your dreams, you just have to put your heart and soul into that very ambition and the results will yield.

Another important aspect when it comes to one's dreams is that there is no overnight success. To be toiling away one day and have a massive hit the next day is rarely possible, dreams and ambitions require patience at every step of the journey. If you want to be an overnight success, you have to be an everyday hustler.

The path to creating anything great is filled with a whole lot of doubt, fear and frustration. People defame, talk crap  about you and try to stop you from achieving what you'd set out to do. You’ve got to have the emotional and mental fortitude to deal with that. Every. Single. Day.

The people that create greatness instill in themselves a daily ritual of self-belief, patience and performance. They know greatness comes after 10 years of work. Whether it’s affirmations, setting goals with a compelling “why”, they train their emotions like most people train muscles in the gym. And that’s what gives them stamina.

The next time you see a great person or company, don’t refer to them as an “overnight success”. Realize they got where they are with at least 5 or even 10 years experience doing brutally hard and emotionally draining work that most people simply couldn’t handle. They've made mistakes too. Course corrected. Asked for help. Kept at it when things got hard.

But never lost sight of their vision and their goals. That’s why they’ve become great.

Slide out the gleaming sword of self belief from the sheath of fear and wage a war on odds and make peace with the dreams of today to make them the realities of tomorrow.

It’s all about war and peace, but with the correct situations and circumstances.

By: Shivalika Singh


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