Give Life a Shot. Don't Throw It Away.

The results of the ICSE and ISC have been declared and other Board results are on their way. 12 suicides have already been recorded as yet, dissatisfied students giving up on life for a mere mark sheet. Marks are important but it is not the end, it is a major intermediary step in achieving dreams but not the final path.

This is where the approach matters, how one deals with failure is crucial.  The correct way is to analyze that where one went wrong and take corrective measures in all future activities. It does not require one to ponder on it daily and blame self every moment. The simple fact here is ignored that this has been done and not at any cost can be reversed, time has been spent and now useless thought over the issue wastes more time. Energy should be utilized for finding the solution and search the way forward.

Taunts and comments of the world need to put into a jet and be sent off the space of your mind. Needless to say that belief and trust in self is pertinent here. Recognizing the mistake and accepting its consequences with open hands lets one move ahead in the life journey.

Concentrate on your efforts and, that is what matters, a sincere approach is the key. The result is secondary. And not at any point should one think of giving up on life, life is worth more than this. It is worth all the failure, success, misery, turmoil’s and ecstasy. Do not take decisions based on only one phase of life. Do not compromise on life for anything.

Measure success not by wins or losses but by the will, by the triumph over slumber, by the focus to prepare and courage to contend. Every morning when you wake up to give life your best shot, and chase dreams with zeal, there lies your victory.

By: Shivalika Singh


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