Life gives you choices. You just have to choose

In a world where we are constantly in search of opportunities to make something of our lives, we lose the motivation to actually live life. Now you might go into a stream of thought as I start to tell you how all that you mainly have been doing with your life uptil now is worry about how much time you spent at work today; the vast load that was still sitting on your desk when you left at around 9, or even how less you got paid at the end of that tiresome month.
The concrete analogy I am putting up here is that all this time you’ve been spending in worry; torturing yourself with questions about why haven’t evolved yet; in the meantime, your days are going by slowly, and your inner heat is also leaving you. You have to admit it, you ain’t going to stay fit without working out and you certainly aren’t getting smarter without continuously learning new things. So the way I see it, you have to start living your life more than you live your job.
Now I know what you’re thinking: Easier said than done right? It is but isn’t everything?

Here are ways to do it:

1)    Start Small-

Make a decision. Start small. Decide on what you should do today, that will make you feel happy or overjoyed; make you feel that you didn’t miss an opportunity. Go and participate in an event. Make a short film, or even paint something. Too much? Write something down; an idea for the film you want to make or portrait you want to paint. More basic yet, write down what you’ve wanted to say to someone for a long time, whom you’re meeting soon.

2)    Look at the now, not the future-

The very common question that’s asked: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”
You see, there is a very common saying which goes like this: I haven’t yet decided what I will eat tomorrow, how will I know what I want to be doing in 5 years?
Apt right?
So instead of focusing on the future, try thinking about the present and what you want to do right now; what you would want to be seen as right now. Do you want to be a winner, a loser, or just be ordinary? Because you don’t know what you will be tomorrow, or what you will not be. You only know what you are now, and what drives you at this very moment. When taking decisions, you must always think about what are your desires right now.

3)    Don’t Put A STOP Sign-

It is very important to not start doing something, and then after some small wins, or after overcoming certain hurdles, sit and start relaxing. Take a break but don’t make it long enough to make your subconscious start believing that you’re retired. Because it is hard coming back from retirement, it’s easy to say but a whole lot of pain to actually do. So if you start building momentum in something that you love doing, be it photography, managing events or even playing a sport, don’t take a holiday because that momentum leaves with you. It’s an obvious no brainer why your gym trainer will always tell you not to slack off and miss out on your routine.

4)    Build an Actual Schedule For Yourself-

While writing down things, and giving time to your life is good, the baby steps take you so far. If you really like doing something, you would want to do it until you’re thinking otherwise. The term “hobby” is used to term something which is your casual pastime, but nowadays a person’s hobby is no more something the person just casually does. Hence that every morning run, or every evening game of pool should be given that level of importance that you give to your current day job. Again easier said than done especially if you have a box-load of crap on your shoulders every day. Make a schedule for it. Formulate a plan; and most importantly, make time. It’s flying away, faster than you think.

5)    Build Acceptance Towards The Differences-

Before you convince others how your life should be, and what it should be about, you have to convince yourself what exactly it’s about and going to be about. Calling it believing in oneself is a bit basic, you have to also believe in that belief, the path you’re setting out for yourself and be ready to walk it. As they say in the army “If you’re going to enter the battlefield, you’ll have to know when to shoot”. You have to know when to take your steps, and be able to go all the way; whether you’re setting out to be a leading actor, a famous novelist, a big businessman or even a personality who’ll bring a change. For that you’ll have to tell yourself that it is going to be crazy hard, and that it will definitely be a very painful process.

So with that being said, should we begin?....

By: Aritro Ghosh


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