Beastly Fiction


Rotting away into madness.
Slaying into one’s dreams.
Cursing away into a shallow melancholia
Surfacing at least once, in bitter streams

 A small rose, belonging to the beast
Beauty turns a nod once every red moon
                                                    “Take this rose in exchange for shelter from the bitter cold”
“Go away!”

As he is turned away, the rose looks up
An imaginary smile but there was a real embrace.

                   “Thank you for letting me in”
 Beauty welcomed the beast after all

The passive surface of two minds is his domain
The words uttered did not remain
It kept him still
Two souls entered melancholia
The world now went in for the kill

Sudden silence caught his pace
All his flaws reached him now
Sudden minds pierced him silly
The fell did see as they won the race

As his utter silence did cry out
She kept her book and sang oblivious
A hidden parchment in her thoughts
Crumpled language here and about
As the claws hustled back in control
Anger steady, suffering still did behold
In between his fingers, rested a red soul
Terrified of the invisible anguish
Quietly feeling the same noisy toll

As she started a new story
A distant fiction shed it’s glory            

By: Aritro Ghosh                        


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