How Commodities Have Evolved Over Time

Nowadays we have so many different forms and facts surrounding us, as we live our lives. So many various things that govern us while at the same time becoming a part of us. Some of them new, and growing while others have been from time immemorial. Some very wide scale and detrimental of these substances include commodities like food, transport, means of communication like telephones, television, and even the internet. Some of these commodities, having started on a basic scale have over time become frequent necessities of our daily lives. While television and the internet were created for the purpose of making communication faster have now become necessary paths for daily communication. This is because as time flies, so does the force known as “Evolution”, a part of it being the force of habit.

As funny as it sounds, it’s the growth in the habits surrounding the increase in our needs that causes every new invention and discovery to eventually turn from an existing need to a necessary need. Just like how the iPhone has become a necessary evil for the upper middle class people when buying phones, so will the iWatch be for those who’re getting watches, given a few years. There are newer things coming every minute, and given a human being’s legendary, short attention span, when something better enters the fray, we shall chase it like our survival depends on it. One might say that it might not be what Darwin would have wanted, but he would be happy to see us constantly finding and chasing better things.

The functional aspect behind any commodity is supposed to make it’s job to be your primary at present till tomorrow, then be secondary till you can afford to go to the next level, much like in a game. Communication has used digitization as it’s hot air balloon transport system since long; becoming better and better as everything from radio to film evolves at a rapid pace.

On the other hand, this evolutionary scale we follow, while brings diversity, in the process segregates us bit by bit. It started with just thoughts a long time ago, now it has diversified into everything. Simple shampoo and soap have been classified into “for men” and “for women” sections. Flavors and colors have been the main basis for gender differences, now so are different products and commodities. Gaming is usually for men, while wearing makeup is for women. Nivea is for men while Pantene is for women.

The point being made is that the cataclysm from evolution has sprung in two directions, which puts us on two different edges at the same time. One either lives to eat; or eats to live, but they can’t do both.

However while the evolution has taken up more and more space without stopping for a single moment, one can only wonder that, for how long? When does it stop? Can it stop? And if not, then what’s next and how are we coming to that conclusion? It is a matter of time before you realize that it does cause for some discussion. Is there going to be a universe of brands circling around us till the end of time? Where is science and tech going? That will ultimately give a direction for everything else. These are the questions which plague those of us who on some basic level don’t want the fun to end.

By: Aritro Ghosh


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