Sssssssshhhhhhhh!!!!!!! EXAM TIME...!!!

"Oh My God!!! I still haven't completed my syllabus... I am surely gonna fail."
This is what every student is thinking right now who are giving Board exams, "80% of the final exam will be based on the one lecture I missed and the one chapter I didn't read... :("
Meanwhile,some students are thinking I will do this and that after exams, quite obvious though. But this exam period will just pass by in no time. I,myself a board student, who just completed her Higher Secondary Examination is spending time,ummmm studying. . .because exams are not over yet... phewwww! ! ! Competitive exams are on the way.


"One month left... cool I will do this later, let me checkout some cool stuffs to do after exams."
Yes, that's what we do before exams,especially before BOARD EXAMS... :p

Then we open our BOOKS, do a quick survey, open the test papers,close the books, and think "Naaaah, it's gonna be easier, let me see what others are thinking..." and we start to visit people's FACEBOOK PROFILE to check their whereabouts.

"Now, ummmm one week left, I should follow a routine now. I will study this and that and will do this and that I will be ready to kick the exam. "  and seriously more or less we actually follow this routine.  Cm-on, one week left, we have to work hard now.  "After exams I will be free like a  bird, I will spend my independence day..." 


First day is actually an exciting one. Where we will sit or how will be the invigilator these things actually get our attention most. Those last minute suggestions, revisions, praying are like life saviour. Students will come with lots of "Tilak" and all on their forehead. Surely God will give them extra priority. As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in public schools. :p

During exams if you complete your paper first and fast,then

Other Students think:: Oh my God,she/he must have completed everything,she/he gonna score the highest marks.

Parents think:: Surely you haven't written anything that's why you completed your paper first.

If You take an extra sheet,then 

Other Students think:: She/He wrote so much, what is she/he writing? I should elaborate my answers.:(  

Parents Think:: Your exam must have gone good,afterall you took an extra sheet. :)

After you reach home you will hear different news about institutions, coaching classes, teachers,different competitive exams and ranks,etc from your parents. We will be giving Our Life Changing exams and parents will be doing picnic outside the school campus. Then after exams you have to deal with those gossips, your parents will admit you to those coaching classes without your permission, cm-on, after all "COMPETITIVE EXAMS are more IMPORTANT ". 

Don't worry if someone is very confident with his exam and your exam is not upto that Mark. If they're  confident after they've just finished an exam, it's because they don't know enough to know better.


"And The End... yeah, I am finally Free. No more tension, no more worry,only PARTY."

No dear,you are wrong :(
After exams you are going to spend the toughest time actually. Whatever we thought to do after our exams actually goes out of the list. The thought of joining gym or dance class goes to the list of things I will do after our competitive exams,then goes to  the list I will do after I join college and so on...
Parents will pressurise you for this exams,will admit you to different tuitions and rest of the time will be spent studying. Hanging out with friends will become just meeting them. You will need things to kill time. But this is where our career starts. We have to face these things,but at the same time enjoy the things we want. We have only one life and right time may never come :)) 

PS:: Personal thought and experience.  And All the Best to you guys. You guys will Rock. . . :*
And Do whatever you want to do because no one actually cares about what are you doing unless you are successful. You will have to pay your bills,society will not. REMEMBER Success Is Relative. More The Success, More The Relatives. ;)

~Rimita Roy


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