The Great Indian Needless Drama

Selfish politicians, ruthless bureaucrats, spineless businessmen, brainless spiritual leaders and powerless women along with the recent antiquated bedraggled “intolerance” added to the thesaurus of a nation’s development is an absolute passive anarchy and India is jinxed with all of the above mentioned.

“A sovereign state that has a highly developed economy and advanced technological infrastructure relative to other less industrialised nations is stated as a developed country” is the definition you would get if you go ransacking the search engines to portray you what exactly a developed nation means. What I want to bug out from the whole stuff is do we people with a typical tapering thoughts from bottlenecked ideologies deserve this “developed” tag for our country? Do we the most confused and dumbly brainwashed majority deserve a smart country?

We presently are surviving a nation which has a mass that easily gets offended by a mere Facebook post, silly Whatsapp statuses, irrational tweets , the most importantly PDA’s or the famously public display of affections rather than wars, poverty, malnutrition, epidemics and increasing crimes worldwide. But then we do not hesitate to call ourselves the most democratic and free country which soon is going to rule the globe being a developed nation. What a sterilized joke! Ahann!!

The 21 year old Tanzanian girl who was stripped and paraded naked across the streets of Bengaluru by an angry mob who were infuriated due to an accident caused by a Sudan driver who in no way was linked to the poor victim clearly shows and proves my concerns for this country. Where consuming beef can lead to the lynching of a man in Dadri and concerts being called off because it had Pakistani artists performing in leading Indian metro cities is evidence of the direction-less public of the nation.

The backlashes faced by the leading and most loved actors of bollywood like SRK and Aamir khan just for the reason that they exercised their rights mentioned clearly in the article 19 of the Indian constitution is yet another piece. Cant ignore the recent case in Cuttack where our most celebrated Indian cricket team was attacked with empty bottles and stones just cause they lost a match in the T20 series was such a farce and shame for the whole country.

Why are we Indians so damn angry? What is causing so much of irritation in us? Why are we not capable of bearing the facts and truths? Queries simply go unanswered and are headed to be vague.
Examples are simply unending and I can site them before you effortlessly. We have 9th graders who rule a state and teach the IAS officers to work accordingly, then we have rapists who teach culture to our women. We are nothing but just a paradox in ourselves. We want smart cities but don’t want smart women.

I have noticed myself the men who preach women empowerment and education are the ones who harass their wives back at home and get their daughters married before her educations is yet over. I have seen women of my society say “you will get raped if you walk out late in the night, wear skirts and party in pubs” and I question them “was the 4 day old baby girl in a pub taking vodka shots when her uncle broke her hymen?” “did that 94 year old lady provoke the over secretion of testosterone in her rapist?” what are we exactly trying to make out by generalizing and blaming the women who are victims to various crimes and atrocities.

I have seen young people from colleges of leading universities being least interested in the progress and welfare of the city that they reside in. I have heard youths say “the politics hardly matters to me all i care about is my life, career and love” if you go searching for profile details of young people in our nation you will surely notice maximum of them have typed stuffs like “ i hate it”, “its dirty”, “least interested”, “who cares” etc. statuses in their views on politics on Facebook.

Like seriously? Then why do you complain about petty issues in your localities and demand student unions in your colleges, why do you reside in this country when you are least bothered about your own leaders and running of the nation? You must just walk out of the nation now, oops!! The passport you need too involves the government and leaders that you are exactly “least” interested in.

 I have clearly seen young minds go  in rallies for a particular political party in the morning hours and same students going on bike rallies for some other party in the evening of the same day. the local goon turned leaders attract these young minds by offering them money, free petrol, liquor and sadly women too. The future is been destroyed in the hands of these anti socials elements who claim to be leaders and exploit the party funds that have been raised by various wrong means as well as from the taxes a common man pays. It is hard to make out the future of our nation where the old runs the country and young ones run the wrong sites on net.

We are the mass that sits on the sofa every evening and judge the leaders who have at least tried to work for our better and we just don’t stop labelling people the way we want. As if we were the only clever and ignited minds who could perfectly run a country but contradicting to that when we are asked to take responsibilities or our children are interested in taking the leadership we are totally against it as all we want them to become is engineers and doctors earning heavy amounts.

The day we stop giving importance to who watched porn in the assembly and concentrate on the debates regarding farmer suicides, The day our media stops opening some 8 windows on prime times and shouting on top of their voices while tagging people anti-nationals , The day we stop criticising a girls clothes and condemn the thinking of men, The day we realize that the god we pray be that Shiv-Parvati or Radha-Krishna who symbolize love had married the ones they felt for and stop throwing out our kids and being shamed in the society just cause they loved, The day we can choose independently to whom we follow, to which religion we belong to, to which dress we can wear for a late night party , to whom we live in with, to whom we love, to whom we sleep with, to be a bisexual/transgender or to which career we want to pursue. We the citizens of the biggest democratic country will rise above all and will proudly claim ourselves to be developed in all perspective.




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