Smartphone and other devices have so much to offer students in terms of expanding and assisting with their education. These days a tablet or Smartphone is as essential for college students as a backpack, a meal plan, and extra long twin sheets. But it’s not the hardware that’s so important—it’s the apps. Load up your mobile device with handy apps for taking notes, sharing files, recording lectures, managing your tasks, and (of course) reading books and your road to the Dean’s list will be a little less bumpy.

Here are some of the top apps available for students – the only problem with this knowledge is that you may become “plugged in” even more than you are already. You've been warned.

This app speaks to simplicity, making life easier by organizing your thoughts as you have them. How it works: the app allows you to maintain a personal twitter-esque portfolio and categorize your notes through hashtags, which you are able to share with contacts. Each hashtag you make creates a new list to help you keep track of your thoughts, whether it’s regarding an assignment’s due date, notes, exam information – the sky’s the limit. Every note you create regarding the same hash-tags is automatically categorized within the same list, so you spend less time organizing and more time thinking.

Do you have a personal study coach? Now you can with the Study Buddy app. improve your study habits by keeping track of your study time versus distraction time, get efficiency reports, plus use timers and warnings to get you back on track from those breaks that just linger. The app even notes any phone call interruptions, so you can’t sneak in a quick chat on the clock. The cherry on top? Inspirational quotes to keep you motivated at the beginning of each session.

The days of scrambling to scribe your notes are over, thanks to Evernote. The app allows recordings, storing media and searching for notes on any topic under the sun through keywords, tags or even through printed or handwritten text. You can use the device’s camera to create a new note by snapping a picture, say, of a classmate’s notes, or the office hours posted on your professor’s door. Any text visible in those images becomes searchable, and Evernote can also keep track of where each picture was taken, too.

If you’re not great at money management, life can be tough. If you throw being a student on a strict budget into the mix, it can be downright daunting.The Mint app helps you create and stick to a personalized budget, while allowing you to factor in any expensive you deem worthy.
The app also secures your information for any just-in-case scenarios with a personalized pin that can access your account on’s website, where you can block access to your account in case something happens to your device.

5. Todo

If you’re a list-maker, this app is for you. The task manager, Todo, allows you to compile any to-dos in one spot, then sync the app with your calendar. You can also save multiple lists by category or, to utilize reminders, set repeating tasks and appointments for those pesky tasks you need to remember on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

AudioNote synchronizes your handwritten and typed notes to the audio recording.The built-in voice recorder can capture your lecture or small-group discussion, while you jot down notes that are automatically synced up to the recording. Later you can just tap a note to jump to that part of the recording. That means you no longer have to worry about scribbling down everything important that’s said, and you can be more present in the discussion instead of focusing on taking detailed notes. You can email the notes and audio files together or separately.

BenchPrep is an interactive course library with all the graduate and professional exam study material you can handle. It includes hundreds of practice questions, flashcards, in-app purchases and almost 600 study lessons. Go ahead and pick your poison: LSAT, MCAT, GMAT.

Avoid interrupting class and getting on your professor's bad side with Studious. Once you input your class schedule, Studious will silence your phone during those hours. Remind you when homework and tests are due

This app tracks your calorie intake, to keep you in check while college lures you into a beer-and-pizza diet. Track your diet and exercise in less than 5 minutes a day! It’s that fast and easy. Largest food database of any Android calorie counter – over 5,000,000 foods and growing daily. Easiest and fastest food entry – remembers your favourites, add multiple foods at once, save and add entire meals, and more.

Come on, you lazy bum — you're paying for these early classes, remember? Nicknamed the "world's most annoying alarm," Sleep If U Can gives you two options to silent the alarm: 1) Shake your phone; or 2) Physically go the place shown on your screen (see: the bathroom sink in the video) and take a picture.



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