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As we know, after the onset of pubertal growth, girls have their first menstrual period during which there is a regular discharge of blood from the inner lining of the uterus through the vagina and this lasts for about 4-5 days (the number of days may vary from one person to the other). During this time, girls need to use sanitary napkins to maintain proper hygiene and to ensure that they don’t have stains on their dress. The girls who live in cities are aware of this fact and they use proper pads which are available in the market. However, the girls who live in the rural areas are still not aware of this fact. They generally use old and ragged clothes during their periods and this is severely unhygienic. We all must take an initiative to spread awareness and help these girls to be safe throughout.
Here are a few points which girls must know about sanitary pads and their proper usage:

·         Choose the best one for yourself: We all have different necessities for our bodies and you know yourself the best; hence choose the right kind of pads. Say a big NO to old and tattered clothes which are used by many.

·         Change your pads regularly: A sanitary pad must be changed once in every 4-5 hours and you can customise your timing according to your necessity. Changing at regular intervals is a must to avoid any kind of vaginal infection. If you are going out, don’t forget to carry some pads with yourself.

·         Wash your underclothing thoroughly: After using the underwear, it must be washed properly to keep yourself safe and hygienic.

·         Take regular baths: There is a myth that women shouldn’t take bath during their periods but this is certainly wrong! Bathing regularly and washing your private parts well will keep you fresh and will relieve menstrual cramps and backaches to some extent. Keep yourself fresh and healthy always!

·         Safe disposal of napkins: This is one of the most important points that everyone should keep in mind. Don’t flush your pads down the toilet, instead wrap it in a paper and dispose it safely. Sanitising your hands after disposal is a must for all!

I hope these points were helpful for all the girls out there! If you are already aware of these, do share them with all the females you know. Start taking small initiatives and it will give us a remarkable result in future, isn’t it? Say NO to the myths associated with periods and stay healthy for a better lifestyle!!

                                                                                                    --- Sayantani Sengupta


  1. Really helpful and scientific shaili. We can save many by spreading the awareness.


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