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The Lone Star Statuette

                               The Lone Star Statuette


As she stood a step in the distance
I was a lifetime apart but yet so close
A satisfaction towards the corner of her smile
Merry times led to a withering flower
With petals that curled in over it’s beautiful veins of insecurity
Watching loudly, controlling the fear on her reins in obscurity
Cast away in dimensions, treading on varied simplicity
A tear flowed in silence, the smile blew away a thousand hearts
The red lineage of her bitter monuments, I stared into her servitude
A mellow piece of my ecstasy beneath the west wind raindrops
The veins cried out a whisper that reached deep within my malt-ish vine
Scurried into my Neverland she bit through a thousand pasts
The touch she pushed inside worrying inches of my light heartbeats
Swollen and sorry as I looked past her colorful cries
Heaped and dark, rash and definitely not mine to wonder
I got up as I swam past her Spaniards, reached the dusked up destination
I took a roundabout across memories of sadness, a left took me to another zone
Lost I got as I slipped into a trance, her embrace made me feel at home

Slim was her sensibility, sweetly swollen was her hair
Messed in senses, a Evangeline structure ripped bare
The crimson serenity stripped to no amends
Her fair complexion bewitched past a thousand stares
Courageous yet cautious I entered into the solemn seduction
A raw merriment so pure, the crisps of the sides prismed sore
Queried past self-psychosis, as she continued her invasion
Days passed by in an universe that intersected in collision
I felt her scent as I outran her inner melancholy
I carried fast while I pictured her bliss, insinuatingly jolly
In dominance I played to a river of her solitude
I confessed upon her inner angel, she broke fortitude

I looked into the soul of her inner, mesmerizing
I crept into her consciousness twice, thrice surprising
As she rejected all through her frequent rants
She self-seduced seduction in loud whispers
When she cried inside her inner sanctum
My hidden essence could hear her weep
With numerous bare heavens, she hid the burnt doorways
Clenching her body with certain joy, my thoughts felt like sto-waways
Writhing in a beckoning so high I took her close
Her slender arms and legs left me comatose
As I called to her shadows, the soft skin so brown and bright
I risked all and dipped into her, holding her insecurities very tight
A relationship set back in time, in a parallel existence
Wondering within waters of memory, a kiss that put the lights out
She dispelled into pestilence, scared me with masterful mania
Hid through every hasty handful, she played through the emotional field
Struck with darkened interference, I was licked by a foolish intolerance
I caressed her dry, treading into a torrid feeling which got to my sense
As I walked away from her brown eyes, I rode into a different sunset
Dressed her in silence, every time coming back to where we first met



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