Feluda!!! A single word which at once echoes through a gazillion heart is none other than the famous detective living in 21 Rajani Sen. Road, who first came into appearance after the publication of “Feludar Goendagiri” along with his cousin Topesh Ranjan Mitra alias affectionately called Topshe. The duo was seen solving a couple of cases together till the appearance of Lalmohan Ganguli alias known as Jatayu the writer of famous detective novels.

The main inspiration for the creation of Feluda for Ray was Sherlock Holmes. In one of the case (Feluda in London) likewise Feluda was found acclaiming Sherlock Holmes as his inspiration. The main draft of Feluda was originally made after the release of Ray’s landmark film “Charulata”. Although intended to be a light hearted story for children, Feluda soon gripped numerous hearts, and the fan following of which till now remains undaunted. If asked to any “Bangali”, it is most likely that they will vouchsafe for Feluda as their favorite detective novel in comparison to Byomkesh Bakshi. In spite of that, it remains a matter of agony for the Feulda lovers not to see their favorite detective being cast even for once in any international or national film,( baring the one time the pot -bellied Shashi Kapoor played the role of the sharp, intelligent Feulda)

But, the story of Feluda would be almost incomplete without the mention of the most favorite villain Maganlal Meghraj. The only desperado who appeared twice in the Feluda series, once in Joy Baba Felunath or (The Elephant Goddess), and in The Golapi Mukto Rahasaya or (The Pink Pearl). The creation of an antagonist like Magan Lal can also be counted as one of the reason for this immense popularity of the Feluda series.

Another reason for this everlasting fan following of Feluda is its reader base, keeping to the tradition of his father and fore- father Ray likewise thought of writing a novel meant exclusively for the children, which was a master stroke on his part, so that when one generation passes on they can definitely incite this excitement and thrill to read Feluda to his successive generation.

Feluda epitomizes everything that any average boy wants to be, not only Feluda to be more precise but the whole trio which includes Topesh and Jatayu as well. Although, other notable detective novels have definitely zoomed up regarding the last ten to twenty years, but the essence, the Felu panorama remains unabashed.

                                                                                                                  ~~~ Diya Ghoshal


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