Five Reasons Why Taarangana is Your Pitstop


Five Reasons Why Taarangana is Your Pitstop

First of all, why not? ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧

Born and nurtured amongst the veritable wilderness in the beautiful lush green grasses of- where was I going with this? Oh yeah. Taarangana has been nothing but the epitome of a great time. Entertainment, creativity and teamwork of the only Women's Engineering University in India lays out every reason to force your gang out of their permanent honeymoon and move their asses all the way to Kashmere Gate. Still need more?

Here are five reasons why you would not make that tape (too dank?) and come over instead. ;)

1. Dat Theme: 

With our entire campus adorned by the stuff of any comic aficionado’s dreams, Taarangana brings "The Sentinel Saga." Justice League, X-Men, capes, weapons, shields, S.H.I.E.L.D: you name it, we nerd it.

2. Dat Food: 

Last time, we had Maggi, Keventers, Pizza, Waffles, Food Porn. This year, we have a Foodie's Paradise. With Maggi HotHeads as our title sponsor, and an exquisite line up of food trucks serving lip-smacking street delicacies, Taarangana has the food department stocked up and loaded.

3. Dat Bheed: 

Taarangana is the cultural fest of one of the premier colleges situated in Delhi. We have amazing events. We have blind dating. We have prom. Generating a buzz among the college-going crowd, meeting new people or forging new relationships? Would rather binge-watch another tv series? And speaking of events...

4. Dem Events: 

Taarangana boasts of THIRTEEN prime events in the fields of Music, Dance, Theater, Literature and Fashion. In addition to this there are also TWELVE fun and informal events such as Blind Dating, Karaoke and Prom: everything specifically conceptualized so that you have the time of your life. If you’re into that sort of a thing, that is.

5. Dem Stars: 

Who even wants to go to a fest where all the attendees complained of cramps in their feet after dancing the night away to the beats of Zaeden? Who wants to be a part of a fest where the audience fell into a dreamy haze after listening to the musical renditions of Shirley Setia? Who wants to be a part of a fest where people had tears in their eyes thanks to Biswa’s rib-tickling comedy?

6. We hate math too.

Still not convinced? Psst psst, here's a way to think again: Mark your calendars and make your way to IGDTUW on 2nd and 3rd of February!


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