Try sharing what you already have with the ones who don't. Worth it


Make someone smile whenever you can, you never know how much of a difference you could be making in their life at that moment! ---a phrase which says a lot and it can be judged from various facets as well. Someones smile can completely brighten your day and we understood this recently when we decided to spend a day with the little souls whose only home is the footpath and roadsides of Kolkata.

There is nothing happier than sharing what you already have with people who are deprived of it. The street dwellers of Kolkata lack proper food, clothing and shelter which are the basic necessities of every individual. This bitter side of the 'City of Joy'  made us feel compassionate about them and from there rose the urge to stand by their side in whatever way we can.

The idea of providing assistance to the poor street dwellers came up when we were raising funds for an NGO in our graduation days through an exhibition cum fete. We had to make products like bookmarks , jewelleries or candles or even food items and sell them to generate amount which was later donated to some NGO working with orphans or blind children by giving them with various things which they would require such as books, pencils, fruits, and even clothes. Since then we thought of organising a social drive annualy all by ourselves with the amount we can by making products.

However, money plays a vital role  and we, being the students of Masters didnt have much capital of our own to share with those needy people. However, our heartfelt thanks to all the supporters and happy buyers of our very own handmade jewellery hub, The Aphrodite who made our wish come true. Our determined wish and their assistance was the perfect combination to take our first step towards the welfare of the society, especially the children and the women.

The entire day of 13th January, 2017 spent with them was unique in its own way and it will be cherished by us forever. We also got to know about their challenging lifestyle and sufferings which they face regularly over the years. As Aristophanes said, Hunger knows no friend but its feeder so why not stand beside these people and save their lives? Education is needed for progression but the need to satisfy our hunger comes before that, isnt it? Food for them is like manna dew from Heaven and they know how to respect it from the core of their hearts. The condition of living is so poor that anyone is bound to feel sympathetic towards these suffering souls. They hardly even have any proper shelter to live  and safety is far from imagination. They face severe difficulties in earning their daily bread and butter. However, we decided to be their friends and provide them with the basic things like food and clothing. Though we couldnt reach a huge number of people this time but we definitely wish to do so over the years.

Providing your helping hand to those who need it, is the most noble job ever and this gives an immense satisfaction and happiness. Hence, we would like to request everyone to come forward and be a part of this charitable work and we promise that their smiling faces will surely melt your heart away.


Sayantani Sengupta

Amrita Guha


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