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"YES means YES. NO means RAPE"

"NO means NO"

Rape is the word for sexual assault. One of the worst crimes prevalent over the world. Recently a young girl was raped in Kasur and then left in a pile of dirt. Such kinds of news are tele-casted almost daily on televisions and then our very “sympathetic” society goes out to do candle light marches and changing whatsapp display pictures for granting peace to the soul of the wronged and to also display that we are ashamed of being a part of this society.

This, more than the crime of rape saddens me, we have degraded as humans. We are aliens living on this planet earth, to once in a while walk in a candle light march, where we might not even know the name of the victim or share the picture of a rape victim on our social media’s to gain popularity, or change our whatsapp display pictures to show the world, how ashamed we are to be a part of this society while we may not even feel the pain of the victim and its family. Rape is a horrific crime and to not take substantial steps for its eradication is even a bigger fault we commit.

First of all we need to stop acting in the most sickening ways regarding these incidents and apply our brains to take proper actions. I feel rape can be stopped one at a time, the children of each household and even the adults should learn to respect the opposite gender and not use forceful ways in any aspect of life. A radical mindset change is needed, the law is stringent but it does not stop the perpetrators as is evident from the increasing cases. Only if we as humans understand the basic ethics of humanity, will we improve as a society. So we need to stop being just “sympathetic” and do more about a change we wish to acquire, it is only when we empathize that we work to improve that situation. If each of us makes the choice of change in our mindsets, we might just not hear of such crimes anymore.

By: Shivalika Singh


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