The Dangers of Laser Lights


Now that the party mood is still on, a quick glance should be taken on our safety and health, for it is at these times that we become freakish, and our recklessness becomes the call for accidents. So this blog is not just a note of awareness but call for precaution as well! Outlandish it might sound but this season the late night private parties are posing a great threat to the people! Want to know how? Well, the laser lights emitted from the roof tops although might look beautiful from rooftops, but is a serious risk for the flights arriving late night and advancing towards landing.

Laser lights used to entertain the crowd nowadays as beautiful as it can look and used extensively in discotheques, amusement parks, shopping malls poses great harm, if exposed accidentally, they can cause severe skin burns and eye injury. In fact this is what is happening to the pilots sitting in the cockpit, most of them regarding the last few weeks are claiming that while landing, the beams seems to dazzle their eyes so much so that one flight even neared to  a crash, fortunately enough the situation was efficiently handled. Thankfully enough the complaint was registered with due importance, and it has been advised to the late night pubs and amusement centers to use LED light instead of Laser, studies have disclosed that very powerful lights emitted from smooth surfaces are so potent that when exposed accidentally might be the cause for severe eye injury.

Although no severe cases regarding the usage of laser lights have been noted till now, but the abundance of unregulated Christmas parties is becoming a cause for worry. No one wants to spoil the fun, but we should be careful enough that just for a little fun one shouldn’t endanger the lives of so many people. Sarvesh Gupta the Airline Operators Committee has retained full faith and believes that once sufficient awareness about airline safety is generated there will be compliance. With this hope we can believe that sufficient and necessary steps will be taken by the party goers.

Diya Ghoshal


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