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Brilliant minds to special hearts

Brilliant minds to special hearts

The world achieving technological advancements and modernization. Yet the thought process is orthodox. Reaching for the moon with open hands but never looking within with folded arms. Aspiring to reach the peaks of success but failing to acknowledge the lows of mankind. Dreaming to change the world without and not the world within. Loving things and using people. Cricket match being national pride but bravery and martyrs of the army just mere dutiful men. Criminals, just another person roaming freely with the cases piled up in courts. The road not taken is the road not existing for the society. Feminism being empowerment of women and not equal power to both men and women.  Religion is meant to differentiate and not unite mankind. 
Judging each other on basis of opinions formed and not experiences earned. 

Environment is a dumping ground and not the gift of past to future generations. Politicians not the leader of nations but conquers of wealth. Honesty is the best policy to "not adopt" in modern times
Tit for tat is followed in menial games but rape cases and acid attacks are borne silently.
Men are taught to not display emotions and yet feel so deeply so as to not hurt anyone else. Egos carrying more weightage and compassion being a trait to be displayed just for the unfortunate and not on oneself. Making a living and forgetting to live. The race to perfection is more supported than the path to excellence. Competing to come first and not excelling to outdo oneself. 
The world requires not brilliant minds to conquer but special hearts to enlighten the path of humanity and righteousness.

-Shivalika Singh


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