We are One

 Society is facing a widespread problem of intolerance. Intolerance of different faiths, of customs and modern ways. Recently the cricketer Irrfan Pathan was shamed by some extremists Muslims on having celebrated rakshabandhan. Major comments said that being a Musalman he should not have celebrated a Hindu festival. Such outrage and spur for absolutely unnecessary reasons hampers the unity of the country. Festives don't have a religion, it is an act of celebration of goodness and welfare. It should not be categorized by religion.

In our society lynching is also becoming rampant. The day before Eid, 15-year-old Junaid Khan lost his life after being attacked by fellow passengers on a train. He was mocked for being Muslim and a "beef-eater" and was knifed to death. This hatred brewing in the minds of people took the life of an innocent young boy.

 Mob violence has threatened not just the Muslim community but also other minorities. After 69 years of independence, this is what our country has come to, a band of mobs ravaging the sanity of the country based on orthodoxical and one track mindset. It is the ideal time when the country again needs to awaken to freedom in full illumination of tolerance and oneness.

-Shivalika Singh


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