Durga Sohay

Durga Sohay

You have to agree with me that it requires a nerve of steel to release such a low-budget and not that hyped about film like Durga Sohay alongside the touted to be the biggest Indian film of the decade Bahubali. Actor turned director Arindam Sil deserves a big applause and a good pat on the shoulders for showing such confidence in his actors, script, direction and of course our very own Bengali audience.
The film is basically set on the background of Durga Puja. From Mahalaya to Bijoya Dashami it screens through all the important aspects of the festivity, though keeping intact the story line and plot. It was a treat watching the trailer of Bengali's biggest festival during the hot summer months.
Talking about a film with Durga Pujo as the background, one which never ceases to amaze us was Rituporno Ghosh's Utsab, it had dealt with complicated human emotions and thoughts but Sil keeps it quite simple. The story revolves around two women bonding in the special bond of a mother and daughter. When Manashi (played by Tonushree) gives Dugga (played by Sohini Sarkar) another chance after she tries escaping with a box of Jewelleries, Sil very minutely shows how kindness and love can change even the worst of people.

A sweet mother-daughter relationship portrayed very generously by both the actresses. The main attraction being the acting of all the actors with special mention to Sohini Sarkar. She in a very subtle way had moulded herself with a different lingo and dress-up altogether and her acting skills looked polished as a sword. Tonushree can thank the director for giving a new lease of life to her acting career again so many years. The comic relief of the film was Rwitobroto Mukherjee (played the 16 year old grandson of Basak family). Kaushik Sen, Debjani Chatterjee, and others deserves equal applause in making this an amazing family drama. And the music? Trust me when it's Bikram Ghosh and Co you've got to leave the hall humming a line or two from the songs, be it the Agomoni'r Gaan or the Classic Folk Medley.
All in all this film is a welcome shift from Sil's regular detective thriller and is a satisfying family watch.

Seems interesting, but missed it? Not to worry. Thanks to our technology baba "Youtube" has it for you ready. Go, watch it! 


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