Life as we know it

Life as we know it

As I was thinking about coming up with an idea to write about something inspirational, I thought, why not write about us? “Us” as in, the 20 something people lost in this rat race for acquiring a spot in the world and trying hard not to get weeded out by Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest. Most of us are stuck in this eternal abyss of being successful, completing certain degrees, getting placed at a decent company. And when those things are not conquering our minds, we have the ghosts of a failed relation or a miserable incident that was enough to inflict a scar deep enough to make us stay awake till ungodly hours. We spend hours trying to figure out what went wrong among the whirlwind of heartbreak and tears and try to think about those situations in various perspectives that might have led to a different ending. But all the ranting seems useful because the time as gone by and made us stronger. We may still have forgiving and soft hearts but in the end we have to forget and forgive and go on.
In this race for being the best it is hard to find someone who will stick to you no matter what and people spend most of their lives searching for that special one. Some may find them while some have to stay contented with themselves. This phase of life is no less than a roller coaster and we have experienced all kinds of emotions thanks to all those American sitcoms which gave us false hopes and high aspirations. These have become our unwritten guidelines. The existence of the perfect person and the perfect life seems like a distant dream. False people and fake friendships may takes us down. But on the contrary we have a bunch of stuffs that make the journey of something twenty going on worthwhile. The world might not be our oyster but we sure make it memorable. We are definitely a bunch of crazy and adventurous millennial folks driven by the heart than the brain. And maybe that makes us more vulnerable and emotional. But amongst these tussle of living and surviving we have made our own worlds where we are able to cope up with the curses of anxiety and depression. Hoping for a sunny day in a gloomy weather is what we have learned to preach when the times are tough. Just like the age old motto, we have learned to hold on to the beautiful memories that shaped us. Even when we are surrounded by deceit, suspicion and hatred we have known how to rise like a phoenix from the ashes and with time the reward of good times come to us in the most unexpected manner bringing us back on the right track of life. So all the people out there having a hard time coping with life, hold on, it gets better and brighter because there is a better world above this place full of hatred and jealousy. And to all those who think that life has reached a dead end, go out, get yourself some sunshine, have a little fun, buy an ice cream or get a tattoo, enjoy your twenties because that’s what makes this phase so special.

Srimoyee Chowdhury


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