Almost every other reality show hosted on television now a day uses the big fat slogan PLAY TO SURVIVE, the current reality show attracting the attention of millions of people is Bigg Boss. Taken from the American Big Brothers first developed by Endemol teamed up with the brain of John De Mol, Bigg Boss like every other reality show does not specify its boundary only with singing and dancing.

This game is a continuous challenge to one person’s mental and physical ability, catering more emphasis on the mental ability the capacity to remain calm in spite of the havoc raging in the house. Those few of the contestants who have learned and understood the pattern of the game survived on along run but those who adopted the attitude of rude insolent behavior, rash nature couldn’t make much in this house.
Perhaps it can only be said about a challenging game like Bigg Boss that it is here only that winning always doesn't  count, its more about the strategies, the ways the paths,  the diplomacies adopted to make yourself survive amidst twelve strangers, one hundred and fifty four cameras and no connection with the outside world.

In India eleven seasons of Bigg Boss have been hosted as yet, Mr. Salman Khan being the constant host of the show from season four. Out of all the eleven seasons, season four and season six have garnered the maximum interest and TRP.
A lot of comments have been raised against this show, some critics have gone as far as to infer that it’s an alumni meet of failed celebrities, in spite of such negative publicity the concept, the game of Bigg Boss have been likened by thousands of audiences not only in India but all over the world, every year thousands of recipients of this show waits eagerly for the show, which is a ready-made testimony of how well this show has been accepted and likened among the mass. So for all those people who haven’t watched the show as yet, Bigg Boss 11 (eleven) is a must watch,

Diya Ghoshal


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