“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” this was the promotion slogan for Las Vegas which has built its fortunes on gambling and gamboling. It saw a massive mass murder even before the clock had struck 12. Stephen Paddock 64 years old retired accountant who lived in Mesquite an hour’s drive from Las Vegas was the root cause behind this huge massacre.
Like every other night Vegas was at all its glory, it was just a few minutes after which the clock would have struck 12. Shows had just ended, when all of a sudden news of a gunman firing from a hotel at Las Vegas spread like a rapid forest fire. The shooting went on for at least 10mintues, by that time at least 58 people were killed and almost 515 people were injured.

Among the number of tourists a few tourists hailing from Kolkata were there, few of them have shared their devastating and mentally tormenting experience. The strips for which Las Vegas is famous, which is the hub of activities and has been one of the pivotal tourists attraction has become silent and vacant all of a sudden, for them it feels that Vegas has gone off to sleep.
Unable to gauge the devastating experience at first a few of them thought, maybe a celebrity sensation has just drooped by which is why everyone is running haywire. It took them really some time to understand this man made calamity that has drooped on them. Unlike Kolkata, the place from where some of them hailed, and are used to see eager countenances sharing information, they didn’t meet anything of that sort. There only source of information was the constant bulletins.
After a through enquiry about Stephen Paddock the killer, the authorities have come out with this information that no criminal offence has been reported against this retired officer, although his roots when traced showed that his father was a bank robber and was one of the most wanted on the FBI’s list. When asked to Mr. Eric  Paddock brother of Stephen Paddock he retorted by saying that it gave him no less shock than the others, that something so brutal so devilish has been hatched and conceived by his brother.
When asked about the kind of weapons used by Mr. Paddock the Las Vegas police reported that out of the 10 rifles used by him at least one of them was automatic, how and where did he get hold of those killer ammunitions still remains a question .

Although words are of no help to the survivors of this deadly attack and those family members who are victims to such devastating occurrence, innocent family members die a most painful death, but it is believed that prayers could often work wonders, with this hope in heart, we the members of Iyouthmag, sincerely and earnestly pray for the fast recovery of the wounded, the survivors and the family members of the deceased.  May God keeps them strong, and may all of them recover fast, and last but not the least may peace be once more restored to Las Vegas.

-Diya Ghoshal


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