Class 11 student murders a Class 2 student to postpone exams


The probe into the most sensational murder case in recent times was the murder of a class 2 student of the Ryan International School of Gurgaon allegedly by a class 11 student to postpone exams.
Pradhyumn, a Class 2 student, was found with his throat slit just outside the ground floor washroom of the school on September 8 morning, minutes after his father had walked him and his elder sister Vidhi (who is in the fifth standard) to the campus. Pradhyumn had gone to his classroom after saying bye to Vidhi, and then to the washroom at the other end of the floor.

First the case was being handled by the Gurugram police. Gurugram Police claimed that Ashok had taken the bus driver's knife with him to the toilet to clean it. There he saw Pradyuman alone and tried to sexually assault him, and when he shouted for help, he slit his neck.

But CBI after taking up the case claimed that it was the class 11 student of the same school who did this crime and his motive was to postpone an exam and an upcoming parent teacher meeting. The suspected is good a pianist but weak in studies.

The CBI officer said the Class 11 student "lured Pradhyumn inside on the pretext of discussing something important, and within seconds, slit his throat". "Somebody was going to die that day. He came prepared that he was going to use the knife he was carrying on someone. Pradhyumn just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time," the officer added.

The accused told the CBI that he did that in the spur of a moment. CBI sleuths identified the accused as one of those coming out of the toilet area through a 25-minute CCTV footage, which also suggests Kumar may have left the toilet before the accused student entered with Pradhyumn.

By: Angira Sen


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