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Depth of My Feelings VI

The roman numerals in my head. Ever so shallow. Pinched my eyes and wrecked my lips. The feeling of passion withered away in the distance. I lost the need somehow as temptation took over. The whisper of quiet oceans in my mind kept me going through the ever so narrow skyline. Rugged, flustered, torn grey. A quiet stream screamed so many feelings, deep inside my mind. The silent tears wiped away by soft palms made of steel. An embrace ever so sudden. A kiss on the cheek ever so light. Mysterious ends converging at tender moments. Eyes filled with obscure gentility. 
A broken limb less painful than a fractured heart.
Held as it felt the puncture from all sides. But I deviated from the thoughts of complete remorse and as I tread back a few steps I found the same hold on me, telling me to be alright. Telling me to keep going. Urging me to be fine. A love ever so distant but a head to my chest that made everything alright again. Senses failed and logical deviance increased as I ran. As she stood there, her thoughts still followed me and so did her cute embraces. I felt a feeling I hadn't felt in a while, a feeling I was scared to feel, because if I did, those feelings would consume me till the point I was left with no feelings at all. Only emptiness. A bitter silence that screamed away in melancholy. After a lot of thought though, in frosted hibernation I let all the thorns pass through me and let it all go, and....and.....I killed me.  

Aritro Ghosh


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Till date we have achieved More Than, 360 Street Theatre Performances across India 2 Short Films 21 Cultural Events comprising various Art Forms 8 Exhibitions of Paintings & Sketches Motivational Theatre Workshops for many Organizations Art & Culture related promotions
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