Depth of my feelings - V

Depth of my feelings - V

He sat on the side noticing outsiders. Inside he wished for love but could only speak with his stomach. The helplessness in his heart bound him to the walking smiles one after another. The flowing happiness caressed his heart, the escaping glances tore his soul. 
Looking here and there, he heard a call. He looked around and saw the welcoming eyes. However what the owner offered was only love. 
Wagging his tail, he ignored everything else again. There was no difference between him and me.
But the thing is that I wanted one. I wanted a difference. That little creature made me realize my weakness. Was I that weak? Was I as helpless? I wondered. I pondered on those invisible scars which were acting up from different horizons of my body. Screaming. All those imperfections seemed to cry out like there was no tomorrow. 

And then....

A soft nose poked my hand. An innocent pair of eyes looked at me. A caring head pushed my hand up. I gave him a pat as he put his paw on my knee. 

I smiled as I cried.

Aritro Ghosh


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