Let's talk about something serious for a change.
Do I already have your attention then?
So here's what we're talking about today: Teasing vs Bullying
This is kind of something that isn't very new to us. For many of us we know "Bullying" to be the main topic. Now firstly when people use the term "bully" or "bullying" I actually imagine a bull charging at my behind. I just do. Don't laugh!
Alright fine!
Anyways so I would rather use the term "Insulting" because let's face it, if we talk verbally that's what the person's really doing right?
The physical insults only happen once you actually do something back. There is a saying that "When you have no option to resort to, you resort to your hands and legs".
However not many people tend to understand this that on a scale of 1 to 10 we give an 8 in terms of being insulting to a person way too easily.
"Like bro, if he/she had to score an 8, he wouldn't tickle your sexuality or color just a bit, he'd go all the way into your own ancestry."
This is if you give him a strong reason to. Basically piss him off.
Because that my esteemed friend is considered "Joking" or commonly known as "Roasting" nowadays.

Now I know some people aren't ready for this sort of things yet. To them I explain this in a simpler way.
There is a difference between beating someone up and beating him to death. This is because no matter what you say the first one is always trial while the latter is you showing what you can really do.
So the important issue is "Intent". That specifies the exact nature of the "Content".
So if there's someone picking on someone by pinching you based on a few occurrences, that's him making fun but what that guy responds with in anger if he doesn't understand that is an insult.
To be fairly honest there are quite a few people in this world who mistake people who joke, tease, and roast their peers for the "bullies" as people call them. I call them "jealous".................................................. the people who insult that is, not the people who make the mistake so calm down in case you just thought of reporting me.
In a 100 individuals, at least 75 people make fun/ tease because the other person is worth spending that ten seconds making a joke on. The other 25 are the people who do it because they can. Basically if you didn't matter, your roaster would talk to you in the most formal manner possible and only when you decided to approach him.
However one of the problems from the side of these brilliant 75 comedians is that out of them 15 can understand, control and channel the difference between insulting and joking/roasting.
Let's try to learn and understand when and how to "bully" the harmless way. That sounds right I think. Let's "insult" out of love. Let's keep the "intent" to be "harmless fun".


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