Self Is The Ultimate Judge

The thinking of an individual is strongly motivated by societal influence and impact. What must be worn, what must be said and all other habits are usually performed by an individual under what is considered “DECENT” in accordance with societal terms. However, whatever “people” say should not affect us, but it does. Why does this happen? Why does one allow himself to be affected by societies’ norms? Though some are to be followed, but when talking about Indian society, it has always remained backward.

Except for a few modern family, the ratio of backward to modern people is perhaps 80:20 . Even modern families are so, to an extent. Limitations are always put forth in some or the other way because at the end Indian people are captivated by age old superstitions, superficial believes which act as hindrances to societal progress.

Women are barred from attiring in clothes of their desire and are judged on the basis of their clothing instead of their etiquette or qualification. Is this the standard of Indian society? In the interiors of many parts of the country ,practices like female infanticide and child abuse are prevalent. Does not this puncture the prestige of Indian Society? To look down upon people of lower standards, and paying them less wages for more labour, is this not a black spot on Indian economic and industrial society?

All aspects of Indian society has to modify their functioning. The remedy is to boost self confidence in the masses and public to unburden themselves from the pressure and exertion of the society. That is what people should do where their “Self should be the ultimate Judge”. The duty of the society is to adapt the awareness spread by developing Third world countries , to modify their thoughts, mind set and to put forward into action their transformed ideas in the course of progress of the people and the country as a whole.  



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