The sun was gradually sinking into by drenching itself in the darkness of the starry horizon while the noises of the whistles blown by traffic and the honks nearly left me deafened with the increment of the pacing epoch. It was a glitter evening and everything seemed so damn glamorous. I could simply not stop staring at the young women demonstrating their ostentatious outfits and the latest fashion that peaked out of the inner showrooms of the market.

The much popular fashion search destinations among the majority of population is usually not always the big malls or designers shops and boutiques. This above description is of a local market in Gurgaon now renamed the Gurugram. They call it the sector 14 market. A not much huge like mall types market is this open ground market that proudly demonstrated the latest trends, designs and styles. A crowded affair it is to stay up and watch people pick their favourite colour and patterns from the bunch of collections.

The adjacent street shops that rule most of the area are the main attractions of the place. Peach, off-white, greys, royal blue and matte black ballerinas were finely polished and delicately displayed on the inverted used flexes on the floor and some hung on rags to show. The list of shoes went on to the black fur rimmed white and nude gum boots along with the golden glittered high end stilettos. I almost fell for the summer flip flops that were seen in varied colours like sea green, copper blues, bright yellow, neons, crimson shades, and pink blushers with the despicable minions, angry birds, smiley emoticons and toms with jerrys.

The huge bulks of tops and summer t-shirts were a great thing to pick from. The long flowy gowns and party frocks were simply adding more glamour to my evening. The crop tops were my favourite and they were spotted in different designs, patters, colours and sizes too. I loved the dark army green crops and tanks that looked totally swag. The bright hues were amazing and the florals ruled the time again while the slants and strips never went out of the fashion too. The “i love NY” and “glamgirl” printed tops surely made it large for the shopkeepers. The palazzos and wrapper skirts were no less the show stoppers while the monkey rubbed and scratched shorts too were chosen by many. The rare to find nowadays high waist pants and skirts too were adding more options to the shopaholics list. I went on to buy myself a orange blue flowered palazzo and middle slit urban kurti while i did not forget picking up a multicoloured floral little dress and the olive green crop top. I surely would have purchased the whole market if only i knew how to grow money on the tree.

The accessory shops were something i could not stop visiting and choosing bangles, large stoned rings, chunky neckpieces and headbands. As always the tiaras won my heart and i went on to add more to my previous collections and the caviar nail paint sets were the rockstars. The best thing about shopping at these little markets is you get everything at a price significantly lower than the same stuffs displayed on the mannequins and shelves of the DLF malls and designer boutiques of the city.

Not to worry men you too would start loving the whole concept of shopping if you visited these places. The wallets, deodorants, cool fit jeans, gym wears, swag shirts, wrist bands, tubanas, styling accessories, caps and even flippers and shoes are found here in these shops at wonderful prices. These markets would surely help you in managing your relations by letting you chooses gifts from a huge bulk of options for your wife and girlfriends. This surely are the must visit places for the ones in need of a relaxing and happy time. The markets are the best place to improve your style quotients as you find a hell lot of posh and glamour on most women and men visiting these places. The latest trends be that a simple lipstick shade or the new shape of the skirts is all found adorning the perfectly maintained and toned figures of health conscious and responsible youngsters. Delhi and gurgaon surely have the best local markets few are the sector 23 market, sector 15 market, sadder bazzar, khan market, gaffarr market, janpath, Connaught place, lajpat nagar market and not to forget the world famous sarojini.

So next time you visit any state or country do find out the destination spots of its local markets. They will no doubt keep you surprised.



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