Beat the heat this summer!

Beat the heat this summer!

Summer season means blazing sun and scorching heat, humid climactic conditions, dehydration and lethargy. However, we can always beat the heat if we follow these useful tips!

Firstly, we must keep ourselves hydrated during summer, which will help us to maintain a healthy body, glowing skin and silky hair!

Curd/yoghurt is very healthy to have in hot summer because it helps us to cool our body. Curd can be consumed directly or in the form of lassi. We can also add our favourite fruits in the curd and enjoy it!

Coconut water is full of nutrients which are beneficial for our body. It has got cooling properties as well!

Do not forget to have lots of fresh fruits or fruit juice during this season. Fruits such as watermelon, banana, and papaya are extremely good for our body.

Secondly, we all struggle with our clothes because we cannot choose the proper dress to wear in this heat. Well, let me help you! Always wear loose and one-layered clothes. Mix and match it in such a way so that it looks trendy and it is comfortable at the same time! You can adorn yourself with floral skirts, cotton dresses etc.

Next, all women love to apply some amount of makeup, right? But during this particular season keep it simple yet elegant! Try to avoid as much base makeup as possible...this will make you feel light. Apply kajal to highlight your eyes and wear a neutral lipstick or just apply a light lip balm to enhance your look. Most importantly, don't forget to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Also don't forget to put a smile on your is the best way to look fabulous and gorgeous any day!

Lastly, always carry a bottle of water or energy drink, some wet wipes to look fresh throughout the day, an umbrella, a pair of sunglasses and a cotton dupatta to cover yourself when the heat is maximum. I hope it was helpful for everyone! Always remember that we can easily beat the heat!

---Sayantani Sengupta


  1. Thank you shaili!! It was of much use to me as Hyderabad turns out to be very dry, water scarcity problems, extreme temperature conditions and Delhi too(for tinni).. As you know devoid of humidity it causes more itching effect , I really enjoyed reading this. Some matched with my ways and others helped me a lot!!
    Thank you babu!! Go on!! Write more and more and send us!! Pleasure to go through them!! Much love!

  2. Shaili khub valo laglo babu lekha ta pore!! Gorom eto , nijera sustho thak, valo thak, besi Kore jol kha, r tumi toh janoi baki onek kichu..doi khawa sotti khub e helpful!! Take care babu!!

  3. Very nice shaili di!
    Really helpful : tinni


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