The hills are alive with the sound of music………it’s been so long since you’ve heard that isn’t it? Truly it is a film that really doesn’t fail to deliver. It keeps you glued to your seats handling the emotion and then gets you up and dancing to melody next minute. Sound of Music is one of the many films that defined the sixties for us, along with My Fair Lady and Mary Poppins. The movies of those times really echoed the motto that if you’re going through a bad time or if you’re in a troubled situation, sing about it. Let it flow out in music. The emotion is on an entirely different level entirely due to the correct way that it was done, something that has died down over the years.
The Von Trapps while learning how to sing and dance teach us about the versions of ourselves that are buried deep within ourselves. There are many who are shy, childish and soft spoken like Gretl; cute and curious like Marta; and especially every single one of us has been through a Liesl phase in his/her life. We can all relate to the inner personalities of each of these characters.


There is nothing more beautiful than how the whole scenario unfolds. The hilly setting has been greatly used and seems to almost tell it’s own tale. It starts with the introduction of our beautiful protagonist played by Julie Andrews who is the gem of the movie. Her eight baritone voice hits every corner of the hills as she comes and sings. We are slowly shown her life as a nun and how she doesn’t feel like she belongs in the world she’s a part of. This changes when she leaves and becomes a governess to the Von Trapp family and eventually falls in love with Captain Von Trapp.

Sound of Music takes us on a journey without us questioning any of it’s plot points, a very characteristic fact about most movies. Things just go with the flow, to the point we really don’t care about how non-descriptive and under-developed the love story between Maria and the Captain.Most importantly what it gives us is a taste of finding inner happiness and joy along with a look at the problems faced in Nazi Germany within the same film. Inspired by an actual family of the same name, this story builds up the joy while displaying a pretty simple concept and then changes it during the last fraction of the movie.


The title becomes more apt seeing as of all the things we remember the movie by it’s songs more than by it’s story. And again Julie Andrews makes it all possible by being the singer. Each cast member sings each well-written song to perfection. Each song uses key childishness to target deeper problems faced by the characters. The sixties songs being pretty anthemic hits that space in core of your heart. Do re mi and My favorite things have become trend-setting hits.

However after listening to Andrews’ leads quite a few times, Edelweiss comes as a beautiful surprise which blows you away with it’s simplicity and most importantly Plummer’s voice.
The film should have gotten a few more awards for music and sound.


A fox star movie with stars in it who shine to their glory as they sing to us, even Rolf. All in all it is a movie that is worth the time and love it so nicely gives to us. 


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