While the major mass took him to be an aggressive Hindutva mascot who is a strong believer and preacher of the Hindu Dharma and is on mission of saffronizing the nation there are people standing along with his decisions regarding issues like sanitation, crackdown on bureaucrats, slaughterhouse ban, action against food mafias and many more. This young chief minister of Uttar Pradesh is the five times elected MP from the Gorakhpur constituency and is popular for his strong straight and bold remarks along with powerful oratory skills and his talent of captivating the mass with his enthralling personality on stage while delivering speeches be that on Islam and Pakistan or the ram mandir at Ayodhya.

Right from asking people to leave india if they did not practice “suryanamaskar” everyday to comparing the King Khan (Shahrukh Khan) with terrorist Hafiz Saeed Yogi has been termed as “controversy’s favourite child”. With his victory in UP it seems like Modi is walking towards his dream Hindu nation India. Adityanath has revolted many times and was not keeping well with his own party BJP over various issues but the party could never ignore his hold over the majority of Hindu voters along with his qualities of being an influential leader. His pre-poll campaigns witnessed the religious cards that he played to attract voters and win the election, he is definitely a charming mind when it comes to politics. 

I would segment out his latest works below so that we get an idea of his works and understand the fact that some of our viral memes and blogs are void and have given us wrong information.
·         BAN ON SLAUGHTERHOUSE: to speak up the facts he banned the illegal abattoirs and not the ones running legally. There are problems like zoos not getting meat for their animals and its still under discussion.
·         ANTI-ROMEO SQUAD :  the squad was  directed by yogi to have proper guidelines to as to refrain from “unnecessary harassment” of young boys and girls. The team would keep watch on boys who trouble women by eve-teasing, sexually harassing and acid attacks. Though this movement has become infamous due to inappropriate training and information sharing among the officials due to which many normal people were troubled.
·         SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN: as per his party norms and ideas of creating better  clean India he directed his government officials to prohibit use of tobacco in offices, hospitals, schools and colleges.
·         CONVERSIONS:  he spoke of converting 100 Muslims into Hindu if one Hindu girl is converted back in a speech at Azamgarh district. This stirred a lot commotion in the news and he was defamed for keeping such aggressive views against Muslims.
·         LOVE-JIHAD:  he still stays up with his aim to secure women who are non-muslim and to restore their pride by reminding people of love-jihads and the kairana “exodus” matter.
·         MUSLIMS IN GORAKHPUR: yogi has clearly mentioned in his speeches that all the Muslims and Hindus under his constituency are doing well together , it is that Akhilesh Yadav’s rule where the minorities(muslims)  are paid more attention and liberties  and talked good of while Hindus are tortured so as to gain good reputation and other beneficiaries.
·         DISCIPLINE AMONGST OFFICIALS: he directed his police officials to treat the complainants well and make them seated, he even asked them to take stringent action against the cow mafias, food mafia, and land smugglers. Yogi has made sure all the departments under him including the fire services is prompt and works best.
Though the nation has various opinions and ideas about Yogi Aditynath’s government in UP, it seems like a new twist has come into “ache din” by Modi. Politics is great as far as it is developmental, here we witness a lot of religious politics in play which might take a good turn in the long run or it may bring down the whole system too. Communal differences so far have never seen any development in the name of society or people rather it has degraded facilities, stopped girls from colleges, broken temples and mosques, slaughtered the basic human needs and killed innocents. A potential leader is best effective if he brings out love among people and develops the society for better living of our future generations. Powerful speeches and playing roles in controversies wont always help still there is a hope that we see in Yogi Adityanath and his versatile talents and skills of influencing minds and doing good to people.

We see a beautiful India and leaders like yogi can make it happen provided they use right power at the right place to take the best decisions for the diversified country which is a home to many caste, creed, race and religion. 


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