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Organic food industry is growing in leaps and bounds in India. And like all the other sectors our very own Kolkata is not to be left behind. People are becoming more health conscious day by day. They realize the benefits of organic food. To be precise, organic food is that which is grown naturally without using artificial fertilizers or synthetic insecticides. They carry a lot of benefits which makes you fit from within and gives you a healthy lifestyle.
Recently I came across a Kolkata based start-up which delivers the best organic products from all over the world  at your doorstep. Named as Foodstree, this gem is anonlineone-stop solution for all the ingredients you need for your culinary adventures. Born in 2014, it is the result of a passion becoming a job – truly a venture by foodies, for foodies.

I being a foodie myself have tried a lot of their products and let me tell you they are one of a kind. So this week through our blog we will guide you through some lipsmacking products which you have never heard about & it  will leave you craving for more .You might even find the perfect thing to gift your special one,s on their special day from this list.

Dips, Sauces & Pastes

They have a wide range of homemade organic dips,sauces & pastes. They cater unusual flavours like Desi Barbeque Sauce, Hyderabadi Mutton Pickle, Oreo Cookie Butter, Mustard & Oregano Flavour Butter and many more. Try them out and add that extra zing to your boring breakfast or brunch.

Bakes & Biscotti

Arranged for a party? Confused about the snacks to start off in style? Don’t worry we are here to help you! Choose from a whole category of mouth watering munchies and leave your guests surprised. Foodstree brings to you the perfect items like Coffee Brown Thins, Whole Wheat Apple Sticks,Sesame Bars, Spicy Mexican Chips etc to make your party the happening one in town!

Chocolate & Candies

Foodstree’s collection of chocolates and candies will leave you wanting for more. They sell India’s best dark and white chocolates. At the end of the day one bite will cure away all your problems. Moreover this beautifully packed bars of happiness will be the best thing to surprise your special one with. You can gulp in flavours like Salted Almond Dark Chocolate,  Peppermint Dark Chocolate, Artisanal Coffee Chocolate Bar, Sea Salt & Chilli Chocolate Bar and many many more.

Hand-Picked Tea’s & Coffee’s

Is your daily dose of coffee or tea just not enough for you? Are you looking for something a little extra to kick-start your day with? Perhaps some herbal tea & coffee? Then this just might be for you.
If you're a coffee or tea lover, coffee geek, coffee nerd, or just someone looking for more information about coffee and tea, then this is the perfect place for you. Brew a fresh batch and start reading as Foodstree has almost 103 types of tea & coffee to choose from.  Our personal favourites being green tea with rose & hibiscus, Kashmiri Khawa Green Tea, Malnad Coffee, Pure Indulgence Instant Coffee, Moringa Pomegranate Tea, Darjeeling Green Tea With Rose Petals, Organic Chamomile & Lemon grass tea and Green tea with Indian masala.
Health Bars
This section is for the body conscious ones. The health bars are the perfect thing to kick away the daily tiredness away . They will revive your energy in no time. Moreover they are the perfect item to ease your short hunger tantrums.So why wait? Explore and choose from bars like Berrylicious bar, Nutcase Bar, Le chocolate Bar.
Do try them and let the I-Youth team know in the comments section about your happy tummy experience till we discover and come up with something new for you!
Blog By: Elisa Gupta


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