10 Apps Every Android User Must Have

10 apps every android user must have :

(1) Helium
Helium is a must-have app for anyone that has ever lost data or never done a backup before. It works great with root, but even without, you can simply connect your Android to your computer and use Helium to backup everything. Use it.

(2) Transit App: Real Time Tracker
Transportation schedules can be difficult and delays and cancellations can ruin plans further in your itinerary. Stay ahead of the game with the Transit App. It gives you real time transportation schedules right from one app. It supports busses, subways, ferries, Uber and lots more.

(3) letgo
The letgo app makes it easy to buy and sell used items locally on mobile. You can find just about anything on there like old sneakers, smartphone batteries, coffee makers, cars and many more. There are plenty of flea market apps out there but letgo is the best. 

(4) Link Bubble Browser
Link Bubble Browser is a previously paid-for app that recently went completely free. Link Bubble made a name for itself largely due to one clever feature: it loads webpages in the background. This means that instead of clicking through to a site or page, and having to wait for images and text to appear, Link Bubble will present it to you only once its ready. Link Bubble Browser also offers an easy way to share links, or save websites for offline viewing with Pocket integration. It's a simple idea, which is executed well and saves time – a winning combination. 

(5) Greenify App Hibernator
Greenify is a fantastic utility that lets you take complete control over your Android by telling it which apps to put to sleep. Greenify includes a fantastic auto-hibernation mode that will extend your battery life by a great deal. Just try it if you don't believe me.

(6) Drupe
It's rare that we find an app so useful that we dedicate a mini-feature to it, but Drupe deserves all the praise it gets. With Drupe, you can manage all your contacts and messaging apps in one place. Your contacts are on the left, your communications app icons on the right, then it's just a matter of dragging your contact into the icon of the app you want to contact them with.

(7) Audible for Android
If you haven’t got time to read a book, that doesn’t mean you can’t listen to it! With Audible for Android installed on your phone, you can listen to books on the go from about 150,000 titles, of all different genres. Perfect for the commute, going for a run or a long road trip.

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a brilliant app for automating your phone that lets you set very simple rules for making something happen on your Android, based on a simple premise: if this happens then do that. You can use it to mute the ringtone when you enter a certain area, or automatically upload a screenshot to Google Drive, among many other things.

(9) Pushbullet
Pushbullet is a fantastic app that means you'll never miss another notifiaction again. Pushbullet can display your notifications direct on your computer screen or share links, photos, files and more between multiple Android devices.

(10) Google Translate
Google Translate is bloatware on most Android devices but it's still the best translation app out there. It does everything you could possibly need from a translation app plus a few things you didn't think were possible. The type-translation, picture translation and handwriting translation features all support 90 languages. The two-way automatic voice translation feature is limited to 40 languages but is very impressive giving you instant translations for face-to-face conversations.



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