Want vs Need

Is Life a Want or a Need ?

Person 1 "Mere pass Paisa hai, banglahai, Garihai, bank balance hai, tumaharepaaskyahai?"
Person 2 "Mere pass Maahai"

 This very famous dialogue can be marked as the subject of the topic. What does life want? Rather what do people desire in life ?
Fame? Success? Power? Luxury? And all that is achievable under normal human capabilities, but behind all this limelight, do we not tend to forget the value of ones living ?
It's important, it's very important to acquire certain heights and positions in life for security, for social recognition, and for self indeed. However in the hurry, we leave behind certain small people and objects which might lend us more happiness than materialistic possessions.

We stay away from our families while earning money and for academic purposes but once we are gone we don't come back to what we were or we had been. In simple words we lose our attachment. That's pretty natural with growing age but people become so busy in our own territory that they don't consider it our need to look into what their children are doing or what critical health condition their parents are facing. The loss of attachment is one factor.

Coming to the next. When in our childhood, the blooming of a flower gave us happiness and sleeping with our teddies gave us solace, that joy has taken its turn towards the intake  of 555 cigarettes and Jack Daniels whiskey and the teddies replaced with unknown people to quench their sexual desires. The second factor is loss of innocence. That's also pretty obvious with growing age. Why is it so? Why can people not have addiction towards anything positive that won't harm them , rather elevate their standard of work and progress.

Somewhere in between needs and wants we forget what life actually needs and what it wants. We get confused between what Life Wants and What Life Needs.
A HOUSE Is a Want but a HOME is a Need.
We sometimes forget that needs are more important than wants and we always intend on the satisfaction of our wants. We are completely oblivious of the fact that needs are necessities and wants are desires. The desires can wait but necessities ? They are to be fulfilled at the utmost.
Existence of Life is first a necessity then a desire.
That is why we cannot play with the life we have been given. We ought to make its use to the fullest.

Subhangi Ray


  1. Amazing article. Keep up the good work. Will be following your work more often now! :D


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