Why It's The Best Thing To Be A 90s Kid In India ????

Why It's The Best Thing To Be A 90s Kid In India ????

If, like us, you were lucky enough to be a 90s kid in India, then you would identify with each and every one of these little things that made our childhood the best time of our lives ever.

1.Best cartoons ever:
Cartoon Network gave us some of the best childhood shows ever, that we crave for till date. Tom and Jerry, Richie Rich, Scooby Doo, Dexter’s Lab, Johnny Bravo, The Flintstones, etc…we can never get over those. And remember how Cartoon Network would wrap up at 9 pm and TNT would come on? We used to wish that CN would go on forever!
I really feel sorry for those kids who find bliss in cartoons like CHOTTA BHEEM. :(

2. Best summer holidays ever:
Remember the last day of school before the glorious holidays would be upon us to give us respite from sitting in those sweltering classrooms in the middle of May? Remember finishing of your entire holiday homework in the first few days of the month long holiday, so that you had the rest of the month to yourself? Remember visitin
g your cousins or them visiting you, and in general making the best childhood memories of your life?

3. Shaktiman!
Horrible costumes, pathetic villains, and an even more pathetic superhero – that’s what we think when we look at Shaktimaan today. But when we were kids in the 90s and this show was all the rage, we thought the world is safe because of our Indian superhero. We felt lucky as hell to get that maroon velvet costume and would whirr around the house in Shaktimaan style and basically just annoy everybody.

4. Those childhood jams!
You know those hip beats and tunes that you used to tap your foot when you were still a kid back in the 90s? Whether it was jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai… or Made in India, bas made in India, ek dil chahiye…, we were all in love with these songs.

5. Those childhood games :
As kids in the 90s we had the best games for those early evenings ever,be it the classic hide and seek, or chor police. We learnt the words ‘In-pin-safety-pin’ and ‘akkad-bakkad’ by heart. And who can ever forget ‘baithe baithe kya karenge….’ :p

6. That ancient telephone:
Remember that clunky old telephone, complete with the curly wire and the big dial on the front. We used to actually remember phone numbers of all our friends and relatives back then because we had to dial it manually.

7. The smoothest rides:
So yes, we didn’t have all the fancy rides that have taken over the streets of India now. We didn’t ever think we’d even see a racing bike. But those rides with dad on his Bajaj or the old Ambassador were moments of unfiltered joy.

8. Listening  to Music :
Much before we could just download music from the internet and pretty much have an insane roster of jams that we can turn on at any moment, the only source of our music was from the cassettes. We had to wait for the music release of the particular album or movie,then head to the neighborhood cassette store and get ourselves one copy, then head home and play it on our chunky tape recorders or walkmans. Anyone remember the walkmans?

9. Gaming :
Much like the preteens and teens of the 21st century, a part of our 90’s childhood also includes playing those video games. The tape would be inserted into the console, and with those handy controllers in our hands we would battle a way for hours at games like Mario Brothers, Roadrash and Aladdin.

90s kids had seen the evolution in technology.  How every gadget changed to a new better one, how telephone landlines got replaced by mobile phones, letters by emails were seen by  them.  90s kids are Lucky enough to get these experiences.  Life wasn't easy for them from the very beginning.
PS: People born in 1995-1999 have lived in 3 decades,2 centuries,2 millenniums and they are not 20 YET...

Rimita Roy


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