The people of Kolkata have a binding relationship with food- be it vegetarian or non- vegetarian. People, enliven their taste buds with every kind of delicacies. Food is something which people here cannot compromise with. There’s nothing better than biting into a tasty snack and swilling it down with a ‘Bhar of Chai’.The love for ‘rasogolla’ and‘maach-bhaat’ is never ending.
If you are in Kolkata, we do it Kolkata style, “sastamagarachha.”
Following are the 5inexpensive food joints, to allure your tastes buds, and also keep your pockets heavy!
A walk along the food zones of the City of Joy,without disappointment!

Address- 30/1, ParkCircus,Ballygunge, Kolkata( beside QUEST MALL)
Cuisines- American Fast Food and North Indian
Opening Hours- 12pm to 11:30 pm
ü  Dine In Available
ü  Take Away Service
ü  Combo Offers- Alu Burger+FF+Coke( Rs 75)
                               Chicken Burger+FF+Coke(Rs 95)
               Pocket Pinch – Rs 100-150

It is famous for the highly tempting crispy chicken, burgers and fries. The shop has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. They also have a live ‘kebab’ section and the mouthwatering ‘tandoori chicken’and ‘hariyali kebab’kept on display, will make your tummy go hungry at that very moment. If you love Kentucky Fried Chicken, you will have all reasons to visit this place for a surprise mouth bursting and finger licking tour. This place will actually give you one of the best priced food with a high taste output and pocket pinch being less, the burgersare  for Rs 50 and chicken pieces for Rs 35.

Address- 143/178, Picnic Garden Road, Tiljala, Kolkata, West Bengal- 700039
Cuisine- Chinese
Opening Hours- 12pm to 11:00 pm
ü  Take Away

          Address- 99/1, Ballygunge Place, Kolkata 700019
Opening  Hours-  5:30pm to 10:30pm
          Cuisine- Indian Chinese
ü  Take Away
ü  Home Delivery
Pocket Pinch – Rs 200-250
These two places are apt to snack in the best possible pan fried momos, tempura prawns,fried rice, drums of heaven, babycorn, momos, etc. Basically, everything that is there in the menu. It is a treat to your taste buds. The shops, specialise in, Indian Chinese and have the best services. These shops have a humongous sale and the peak hours are really hectic.
First- hand experience, these two places have the best Chinese, a local shop can offer.

Address- 9/H/5, New KasiaBagan Lane, ParkCircus Area, Kolkata – 17
Cuisines- North Indian, Fast Food
Opening Hours- 4pm to 11:30pm
ü  Home Delivery Available
ü  Take away service
Pocket Pinch- Rs 200 approx

In Kolkata, kebab has been a symbol of opulence. Most famous kebabs like’ reshmi kebab, roasted chicken , chicken smothered in butter and mutton tikka kebab’ would drive you towards this, not so good-looking shop, which has a wide variety of dishes to offer . Chicken lovers, this is your would-be second home. This place is famous for ‘fried chicken, chicken malai kebab, mutton tikka andreshmi kebab.’You name it and it’s up thereon the list.This place is a huge success. The growth of this place is commendable. The quality of the food is highly appreciated and so is the cost of the items. Next time you have friends over and you want a hens party, this place should really be of great help.

Address- 42/1B, Shamsul Huda Road, Park Circus Area, Kolkata.
Cuisine- Biriyani
Opening Hours- 12noon to 11pm
Take away available
Pocket Pinch- Rs 150 (for two)
Biriyani lovers, trust me, you don’t have much time. Just go for the Chicken biriyani, this place has to offer. It is so tasty that the confession is laced with guilt because it’s high on calories and on a diet that says a strict no-no to such mouth-watering food.
The best of all local biriyani shops in the Park Circus area, pocket friendly as well as delicious. Every Biriyani fan must visit this restaurant and don’t go by the face value of the ambience but the Biriyani that will melt your heart away.

Address- 38, Park Circus, Beck Bagan, Kolkata -  700017 ( besides Queen of the Missions School)
Cuisine- Bengali Food
Opening Hours – 12pm to 10 pm
ü  Dine In Available
ü  Take Away Service
              Pocket Pinch- Rs 150-200
 If you wantBengali food, this small place offers you a nice range of traditional home made food from ‘fish to koshamangsho’. There is something about this place and the Bengali food, the Bengali style thali , the special ‘daab-chingri’, ’parshebhaja’ and ‘Sukto’ from this little kitchen, can never be forgotten.
This place has a very homely environment, good hygiene and yes offcourse the fish and the prawns are 100% healthy and authentic. For students, who love Bengali cuisine, over here, small pockets can fill in your big tummies for sure.

The more modest hawkers are on foot, but their wares are no less mouth-watering. If you are looking for an inexpensive lunch or dinner, there is nothing more appetizing than these small take away joints, sprinkled with raw masala and Indian tarka.
Kolkata has a magnificent range of food items with a taste which only this city can offer. Kolkata is known for its food culture and diversification in culinary art. This city can never let anyone sleep empty stomach. A little money can provide you with a heavy meal.
Yes “Money can’t buy happiness, very wrong indeed! You need to know the right place to invest and money can make your tummy really happy.” 

Aayesha Nabeeha


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