Our World's

Your world and mine could never be the same
But I bet, you'll never forget my name.
You see, what it is about me
Insanity in broken beauty.
It's been ages since I've opened my heart
Let anyone in, thought of a start.
For I feel, there is no point in it all
I've lost too much or maybe this is my call.
Oh! How I'd wish to be the fire
Rise above sorrow and all needs dire.
Fire need not embark
Fire need not relish.
For you see, fire is dark,
It gives birth to a phoenix.
Or perhaps, I'd like to be a bird.
Fly across oceans, without a word.
For there's beauty there
And there's peace.
No one to look up to,
No one to please.
Or maybe wind is what I'd like to be.
Rustling the leaves, gushing over the sea.
Oh! I think I'd like to be the light.
No one as fast, no one as bright.
There are a million things I could be
A million places I could see.
But you see, I'm a storm.
One that's dark, but I mean no harm.
One day I shall move away
Find my path, make my way.
Destroy everything that comes along
Tread the lonely valleys, sing a sad song.
For I see beauty in melancholy.
Being something no one would ever dare to be.
I aim for the zenith and reach for the stars.
I'll rise like a fire and fight my wars.
Stars that never align,
Someday, shall all be mine.
Oh! All that I could ever be.
I shall wait and I shall see.

Poulami Ghosh Ray


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